10 Facts: Brazil


Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest country in the world. Besides being the home of many of the most beautiful models in the world the country also has a rich history. It’s definately one of the countries in South America that I want to visit one day.

Rio-De-Janeiro-600x271 10 Facts: Brazil

For this reason Brazil has been selected as the 10 facts topic for today on Running Wolf’s Rant. Watch this space for regular updates in the Facts category and for daily updates in the Babes and Photography categories.

Here are 10 facts about Brazil:

  • Brazil declared independence from Portugal in 1822, was only recognized as independent i 1825 and became a republic in 1889.
  • Brazil is the only Portuguese speaking country in South America and shares borders with every country on the South American continent except Chile and Ecuador.
  • The Copacabana (in Rio de Janeiro) is a 4 km beach which has 63 hotels and 10 hostels spread along it.
  • Brazil is the only nation who has won the FIFA World Cup 5 times.
  • Brazil has an estimated population of 192 million people.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Brasilia (with a population of 2.6 million people) is the capital city of Brazil.
  • São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil (with an estimated population of 11 million people). Rio de Janeiro is the 2nd largest city (with a population of 6.1 million people).
  • There are an estimated 38 million phone lines and 14.3 million Internet users in Brazil.
  • Brazil is also home to the the most species of monkeys and the longest beach in the world (7500 km).
  • Brazil is 100% Energy Independent. Brazil has been dabbling with Ethanol fuel for cars for over three decades. In the recent decades great advances in the efficiency of ethanol production in Brazil has lead ethanol to become a primary fuel source for cars.

I’m almost sure that I left something important out about this country. Please comment on this post if you can add an interesting fact to this list. Previously Morena Baccarin, Bruna Magagna, Simone Villas Boas, Fernanda Motta, Caroline Trentini, Gianne Albertoni, Raica Oliveira, Isabeli Fontana, Débora Nascimento, Emanuela de Paula, Gisele Bundchen, Daniela Freitas, Fabiana Tambosi, Izabel Goulart, Herika Noronha, Adriana Lima, Elisandra Tomacheski, Allesandra Ambrosio, Roberta Murgo and Ana Beatriz Barros were featured in the Babes category of Running Wolf’s Rant. All of them were born in Brazil. It’s definately the home of some of the world’s most beautiful women. The Rio de Janeiro Skyline and Christ The Redeemer Statue has also been featured in the Daily Cool Photo section of this blog in the Photography category.

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