10 Random Funnies to improve your day

It’s Monday and many people in South Africa (and around the world) are already on end of year leave, but there are quite a bit of people who are still staring at their computer screens and working through the 2015 holiday season. Because I know that those days can be extra long and boring at times, I’ve decided to post 10 Random Funnies to improve your day. I trust that these will turn that frown upside down…

This is pretty clever and quite funny at the same time…

Never Loose Luggage Again

There you have it, it’s your duty to save the planet…

Save The Planet

Here’s an Animal Fact for today:

Orca Offspring Fact

Only in South Africa…

Stupidity is NOT a Disability

Some Doctors have a sense of humor after all

Batman & Robin Doctor

If there were a superhero called Cat Man, this is what he’d look like…

Cat Man

We all go a little crazy during the holiday season, but try to keep it classy kids…

Come on Eileen

Who says that Jazz is boring? This sounds like one hell of a party…

Gatsby Party

We all that cats rule the internet, here’s proof

Cats About to Sneeze

There you go, 10 Random Funnies to improve your day. I trust that this has turned your frown upside down.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Humor category onĀ Running Wolf’s Rant.

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