10 Random Funnies to improve your mood


It’s Thursday and if any of you have had the week that I’ve had, you definitely need some random funnies to improve your mood. Today’s batch should turn that ugly stress-influenced frown upside down.

All they need to do is say “No”…


I actually never realized this. Thank’s Mr Ford and Mr Jones!

Harrison Ford and James Earl Jones

This is kinda true…

Tommy Lee Jones

This person enjoys his job and isn’t afraid to show it…

Funny Sign

Only in Ireland. Challenge Accepted? Anyone?


So, what is your superpower?


I think some of the guys out there can relate…


Motivation done right… or maybe wrong… It depends on how you look at it…


What if Minions were the main characters in Batman vs Superman?


I knew it!

Game of Thrones Meme

Well, there you have it, 10 Random Funnies to improve your mood. I trust that they’ve cured your Thursday Blues. Hope you they have and if they have, please feel free to share this article with your friends on Facebook / followers on Twitter.

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