10 Random Funnies to improve your week


It’s the 1st week of October and it’s crunch for most of you working and studying folk out there, so here’s 10 random funnies to improve your week. This batch should turn that frown upside down.

Here’s some useful advice kids…

Random Funnies 010

When I get asked for this, I usually just look for the “Log In With Facebook” button…

Random Funnies 009

Here’s College Humor’s guide to hidden human organs. Do you know someone who has one of these?

Random Funnies 008

I admit that I’ll never be THIS cool…

Random Funnies 007

Guys, pay close attention, this guide could you re-attach your balls

Random Funnies 006

Paul McCartney is one of only a few people who can do this…

Random Funnies 005

Parents, pay attention, here’s you can be nice to the teachers at your kid’s school…

Random Funnies 004

I wonder what they put on the pizza to cause this…

Random Funnies 003

Here’s why you should stop watching that reality TV crap…

Random Funnies 001

Your Grandma is definitely NOT this bad-ass…

Random Funnies 002

Well, there you have it, 10 Random Funnies to improve your week. If you’ve enjoyed them, feel free to share this article on Facebook / Twitter. Sharing is caring after all.

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