15 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Funnies (Warning: Contains Spoilers)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released in cinemas around the globe in December 2015 and has already broken a ton of box office records.

Sometime this weekend, the film will edge past the $1.669 billion grossed worldwide by Jurassic World to become the No. 3 title of all time behind Avatar ($2.78 billion) and Titanic ($2.19 billion), not accounting for inflation. The scary part is that will probably earn a lot more than initially expected – it will only be released in China tomorrow.

Star Wars The Force Awakens

The film has already earned more than $800 million at the US Box Office, making it the highest earning movie in US history.  It took only 20 days to surpass the record which was formerly held by Avatar. Pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

I watched the film 2 days after it was released in South Africa and I have to say that I had a multitude of Geekasms. Director JJ Abrams pulled if with a great new story line and kept the nostalgic folks happy by using the old cast and giving the film a classic “A New Hope” feel.

The fighting sequences and special effects were thoroughly enjoyable and the minor use of lens flares (something that screams “JJ Abrams” when you watch one of his films) was most pleasing.

The next part of this article may contain spoilers, so if you have not watched the film yet, stop reading…

Star Wars The Force Awakens 2

It was great seeing Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2 Luke Skywalker & Leia Organa on the big screen again and the newbies were not bad at all. The acting performances were not Oscar material, but they were better than those we were exposed to in the Star Wars Prequels. Without a doubt my two favorite scenes are the battle between the Rebels and the First order at Takodana and the destruction of the Starkiller base. It’s sad that Han Solo dies, but I’m thinking that the story can just get better moving forward.

I’d love to know what happened to Rey’s family, what Finn is going to get up to, if Luke Skywalker is going to train Rey and if Poe Dameron is still going to be bad-ass in Episode VIII. I’m also wondering if the First Order is going to be builder another weapon of mass destruction… Guess I’ll have to wait till December 2017 to find out.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been ruling the Internet the past few weeks and if you don’t agree with me, check out the funnies below.

Here’s an alternative ending for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars Force Awakens Meme 01

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Blu-Rey…

Star Wars Force Awakens Meme 02

This Han Solo Parody Account is pretty damn funny, follow @ActuallyDeadHan on Twitter.

Star Wars Force Awakens Meme 03

Finn betrayed the First Order and now he has to deal with this bloke…

Star Wars Force Awakens Meme 04

I can totally get why Kylo Ren looks upset…

Star Wars Force Awakens Meme 05

BB-8 is totally awesome in this film, definitely a droid with attitude…

Star Wars Force Awakens Meme 06

Nah Han & Chewie, you’re not… This wasn’t a Lethal Weapon movie…

Star Wars Force Awakens Meme 07

Snoop Dogg says it like it is, without saying a word…

Star Wars Force Awakens Meme 08

This can’t be unseen…

Star Wars Force Awakens Meme 09

Good question, but I think BB-8 wins…

Star Wars Force Awakens Meme 10

Good question… Maybe we’ll find out in Episode VIII…

Star Wars Force Awakens Meme 11

This could totally be true…

Star Wars Force Awakens Meme 12

Good point…

Star Wars Force Awakens Meme 13

I never thought about it this way…

Star Wars Force Awakens Meme 14

Emo Kylo Ren says it like it is. Follow him on Twitter via @KyloR3n.

Star Wars Force Awakens Meme 15

Well, there you have it, my take on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I hope that you’ve enjoyed my mini review and these random funnies. Feel free to share this with your friends if you did.

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