15 Stunning Babes for Sultry Saturday


It’s been a long time since we’ve posted in the Babes category on Running Wolf’s Rant. Some of you have probably been drooling less on your keyboard because of this and that’s just wrong. Your keyboard needs it’s regular dosage of drool if you ask me.

So before I get carried away about how much it sucks not to be posting weekly in the Babes category, heres’s 15 Stunning Babes for Sultry Saturday. Hope this improves your day a teeny weeny bit…

Those are really nice boots…

Sultry Saturday 01

Is that glitter on her nails?

Sultry Saturday 02

That’s a really nice gold necklace…

Sultry Saturday 03

Is she sucking on a cherry flavored lollipop?

Sultry Saturday 04

There’s something about geeky looking girls who wear glasses…

Sultry Saturday 05

So what does she do when she’s not wearing those boots?

Sultry Saturday 06

Sometimes you just have to see things from a woman’s point of view…

Sultry Saturday 07

Did she spill milk on her leg? Who’s going to clean that up?

Sultry Saturday 08

Purple is definitely her colour…

Sultry Saturday 09

Is that a tattoo on her leg?

Sultry Saturday 10

Is that a butterfly tattoo on her arm?

Sultry Saturday 11

This girl has stunning red hair…

Sultry Saturday 12

Black is definitely her colour…

Sultry Saturday 13

I wonder what’s she’s thinking about…

Sultry Saturday 14

Does she have a nose ring?

Sultry Saturday 15

Well, there you have it, 15 Stunning Babes for Sultry Saturday. If you’ve enjoyed viewing these women, feel free to share this article with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Stumble Upon. Remember: Sharing is caring after all.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Babes category on Running Wolf’s Rant.