16 Random funnies to tickle your funny bone


It’s time for some more random funnies on Running Wolf’s Rant. Today’s batch features the “Real Valentine” I’ll be getting this year, a horny Mickey Mouse, an awkward / freaky desktop background that someone’s girlfriend left him on his MacBook, a mental image of Hitler and Star Trek’s Worf that can’t be unseen, someone who is “The Bomb”, advice on how to avoid a parking ticket, a coffee cup from a high place, an interesting view on what Tetris has done for society, an example of Cyber Bullying, an interesting story about a “Big D”, the definition of a perfect Valentine’s Day, a dog taking a nap, a 3D model of the save icon, a rude track speed skating racer, a thieving cat and some epic selfies. Hope you all enjoy these.

Funnies 01

Funnies 02

Funnies 03

Funnies 04

Funnies 05

Funnies 06

Funnies 07

Funnies 08

Funnies 09

Funnies 10

Funnies 11

Funnies 12

Funnies 13

Funnies 14

Funnies 15

Funnies 16

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