16 Random Funnies to turn that frown upside down


It’s Tuesday and time for another bunch of Random Funnies. I’m pretty sure that most of them will turn that frown upside down. Don’t feel guilty though, they had exactly the same effect on me. Hope you have all have a great week and try not to be grumpy: there are people out there who are less fortunate and privileged than you.

Humor can be found everywhere, even in grocery stores…

Random Funnies 01

You just got to love intelligent bar signs…

Random Funnies 02

Here’s a chemistry joke to brighten up your day

Random Funnies 03

Samurai Cat is alive…

Random Funnies 04

I bet you don’t see this on top of every Christmas Tree…

Random Funnies 05

Good question…

Random Funnies 06

This restaurant in Budapest has a point…

Random Funnies 07

Don’t underestimate your grandparents….

Random Funnies 08

Admit it, you’ve wondered the same thing…

Random Funnies 09

So, what’s your style?

Random Funnies 10

I can totally relate to this. I really don’t like Mondays.

Random Funnies 11

“Honey enter this content with me, I can win a lot of beer…”

Random Funnies 12

Do you qualify for any of these positions?

Random Funnies 13

Only in Canada…

Random Funnies 14

Dumb phones vs Smart phones…

Random Funnies 15

Freddy Mercury was a good boy…

Random Funnies 16

So, which one of these Random Funnies is your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know what you think. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here. If you’ve enjoyed this post, feel free to share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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