My 2 cents on the Hoot ‘n Anny Weekend in the Lowveld

Have you ever seen Hoot ‘n Anny live? Maybe as you stumbled past the stage at a festival and your ears may  have caught a bit of their performance or maybe you sat right in front the stage, completely mesmerized by their uniqueness.

A week or so ago, Hoot ‘n Anny (Franco & Alouise Jamneck and Peter Toussaint) had their first solo show in the Lowveld. This cow of course was a part of the action, because I simply could not miss out on this.

Hoot ‘n Anny is certainly a band you just need to watch. I’ve seen them at festivals like STRAB and at the Blue Moon weekends. I never really saw them as a solo act, which is pretty weird because these guys are just amazing! They played on Saturday evening at a restaurant named Kuzuri.

This venue is located right next door to the Lowveld Botanical Gardens. It’s a unique place and perfect for unique music. Despite the crazy lighting storm we received, people squeezed into the restaurant with their wine and craft beer to watch the band. Their set featured a mixture of original songs and covers. I highly recommend that you take a listen to “Heaven” because I loved it. Two sets later and a very happy crowd on and the band sold their latest album, “Countrees” to the fans.

On Sunday my human and I were off to go up the mountain to Bohemian Groove Café in Kaapse Hoop. We spotted two herds of wild horses on the way and I must admit the sleepy town looked so mystical in the mist. A South African horror movie was filmed there a few months ago and I could see why they picked that area. We settled down on the porch with friends to listen to the beautiful folky sounds of Hoot ‘n Anny.

Franco again shared stories behind the songs and he explained test cricket to anyone who was willing to listen. The mist cleared and it was a bit sunny, then a little mountain wind picked up and the jerseys were back on. Then the rain started falling softly on the tin roof and it was just the prefect setting. This cow was one happy greenie on Sunday evening back in the stables. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend so early in the year.

If you can watch Hoot ‘n Anny (who usually opens for other bands) then get there early and watch them play. Their vibe makes you relax and takes you on random road trip of the mind and soul. Get their latest album “Countrees” at their shows or contact them via their Facebook page.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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Alice Green

Alice Green

A green cow, part of a heard of plastic / latex cows, spread between Nelspruit, Sabie and Cape Town. My owner adopted me when I only could speak Chinese, now I'm fluent in Afrikaans, English second language and cow.


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