20 Funny / True #PreTwitter Tweets


This morning Twitter was abuzz with a new trend. The brilliant folks from Activation Media had an idea to get #PreTwitter hashtag trending, and South Africans embraced it fully. The hashtag trended nationally in South Africa by mid-day today. Quite impressive and a very cool concept if you ask me.

Twitter-Logo 20 Funny / True #PreTwitter Tweets

The #PreTwitter hashtag is all about stating what you did before you had Twitter. Some very creative Tweets came up. Here are 20 of the funny / true ones I spotted during the course of today:

  • “#PreTwitter my attention span was longer than 140 characters!” @siyantombela
  • “#PreTwitter both my thumbs were the same size.” @phoenixmuso
  • “#PreTwitter it didn’t matter that 44k+ accounts have been reached with this tag” @BaasDeBeer
  • “#PreTwitter people only used hash tags as a preface for numbers” @Dominique_Cat
  • “#PreTwitter you would meet your friends for dinner and drinks. Now you meet strangers for a tweetup.” @lexamantis
  • “#PreTwitter You used to want to shoot anything that tweeted when hungover. Now everyone tweets about their hangover.” @TyronLSA
  • “#PreTwitter I thought 160 characters for a TEXT message was outrageous.” @JeanJordaan
  • “#PreTwitter Only comedians were funny.” @RuanHaha
  • “#Pretwitter I would get arrested for sending pics of my wors to people” @BraaiBoy
  • “#PreTwitter we used to watch football on TV.” @tatibble
  • “#PreTwitter socially awkward people had no place to look cool.” @gevaaalikdotcom
  • “#PreTwitter I was bored on the train and in waiting rooms” @Razscal
  • “#PreTwitter I used to read a book whilst on the loo.” @JanHHarmse
  • “#PreTwitter We had to actually go out to Stalk people” @Tsek_Bastard
  • “#PreTwitter No one wanted to be followed” @kgotso_gad
  • “#Pretwitter someone following you was actually creepy!” @Nomsa45
  • “#PreTwitter Going Viral landed you in hospital.” @DopeboyKwesta
  • “#PreTwitter. Your shout got as far as down the street!” @transportermojo
  • “#PreTwitter I had to look for nice sayings on google!” @Seductive_devil
  • “#Pretwitter a handle was used to open doors..” @King_Kanete

You can follow Activation Media via @ActivationZA on Twitter. It’s amazing how this micro-blogging service has changed the way we communicate via our mobile phones and the internet. Twitter already has 300 million users globally (more than 1 million in South Africa) and its not getting any smaller. Still think that its useless? Running Wolf’s Rant would like to hear your thoughts about the #PreTwitter hashtag and about Twitter and general, so feel free to comment on this post.

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  • BraaiBoy

    Cool man, thanks for the mention.

    P.S. You missed my favourite though: “#Pretwitter # was something we smoked”

  • thanks for the mention! Loved reading all these – was so much fun!!