20 Random Funnies to kick-start your week


Today is Monday… This day is considered to be mostly blue and is hated by Garfield and most people in the working world. Well, Monday doesn’t have to be blue, so get your foot out of your arse and enjoy today’s batch of Random Funnies (also known as “photos designed to turn frowns upside down”). The aim of this exercise is to help you to take life a little less seriously. Life is supposed to be fun, not dull and boring (and almost everyone knows that, even you).

Today’s batch of photos feature a very photogenic baby and his parents, a ridiculous movie poster, someone who doesn’t like to tell lies, an interesting warning sign at a party or gathering, some greens that can be used for cheating on your diet, an interesting observation about Disney’s men and their pets in animated movies, the reason why Disney made Hercules a ginger, a very aggressive sign in a bathroom, a cat who is being a jerk, an idiot try to sell “merchandise” on Twitter, a dog that is a “Labtrathor”, proof that women are NOT the weaker sex, a vegetarian hunter (yes, you get those… apparently), the death of pizza delivery man porn, an example of Irish Yoga, an example of a cat gang, a disappointed toddler, a sign that got lost in translation, another sign that got lost in translation and very random and funny advert in an apartment building. I trust that at least one of these Random Funnies will make you laugh, so have a look below.

Random Funny 01

Random Funny 02

Random Funny 03

Random Funny 04

Random Funny 05

Random Funny 06

Random Funny 07

Random Funny 08

Random Funny 09

Random Funny 10

Random Funny 11

Random Funny 12

Random Funny 13

Random Funny 14

Random Funny 15

Random Funny 16

Random Funny 17

Random Funny 18

Random Funny 19

Random Funny 20

So, which one of these Random Funnies made you laugh? Was it Labrathor or was it the Vegetarian hunter? Leave a comment and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here. If this article has turned your Monday frown upside down, feel free to share this article with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Remember: Sharing is caring.

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  • ben

    The weaker sex and blankets, married 50 years and still struggling

  • Angie Purdue

    Love the funnies

  • Sue Kozin

    I really can relate to the (Asshole cat). Thanks for the laugh.

  • They all made me laugh… or at least chuckle… thanks

  • Amanda

    I was having a really bad day, until I saw the vegetarian hunter. Thank you so much. I needed that!

  • Ina

    The cat being a jerk really cracked me up. So typical 😀

  • Sabine

    Hahaha, the hand grenade 🙂