20 Random funnies to kick-start your week


It’s almost 11 PM on a Monday night, but I’m pretty sure many of you still need to laugh to cheer you up. Mondays can be brutal, it comes as no surprise that many of you and Garfield hates them. So, here’s the next batch of Random Funnies to cheer you up.

Today’s batch features a newly wed couple who are clearly not thinking ahead, an example of what happens when religion and science collides, a reminder why you should not take life too seriously, a creepy way to scare your sister, life advice from the Joker, an example of a hardcore 50 Cent fan, a reminder that Thor is always Thor, the real reason why Stevie Wonder can’t see his friends, proof that the animal kingdom is crazy, advice for the ladies, a grim reminder from George RR Martin (the creator / author of Game of Thrones), advice from Kevin Hart on Twitter, a comparison between Mercury and Mondays on Earth, more advice for the ladies, an epic sign in a paint store, proof that stereo types hurt everyone, proof that Lord Voldemort isn’t really such a bad guy, a coffee mug you should NOT have when you’re single, proof that rugby is more hardcore than football and the perfect bug detector for modern humans. Hope these improve your Monday mood.

Random Funnies 01

Random Funnies 02

Random Funnies 03

Random Funnies 04

Random Funnies 05

Random Funnies 06

Random Funnies 07

Random Funnies 08

Random Funnies 09

Random Funnies 10

Random Funnies 11

Random Funnies 12

Random Funnies 13

Random Funnies 14

Random Funnies 15

Random Funnies 16

Random Funnies 17

Random Funnies 18

Random Funnies 19

Random Funnies 20

So, which of these gems is your favorite? Leave a comment and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here. If you’ve enjoyed reading this post, feel free to share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: Sharing is Caring after all.

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  • joe


  • April Nightrain

    I hated all of these. Please don’t send me this kind of crap.

  • ifes bob

    I like thevoldemort one.

  • Bob Saget

    Reading this about 11pm, Monday night.
    You’re freakin’ me out, man.

  • pirkka patrikainen

    I liked the Stevie wonder joke.

  • Zik

    Definitely the mug.

    Or the Voldemort one is good too.

  • Aman

    Super awesome! Thank you! 🙂