20 Random Funnies to kick-start your week


It’s time for some more Random Funnies on Running Wolf’s Rant. Kick-start your week by checking out an interesting road sign, a resistant electrical business, a message on a Nokia 3310 from Tom Riddle, some interesting facts about Edward Cullen and Doctor Who, the definition of “Too Hot”, a funny Yo Mama joke, a fact about being single, a musical American Psycho, a Google themed pick-up line, a watercooler, a good question about fridge lights, 2 awesome dogs, a “like father like son” themed picture, the destructive power of rednecks, an epic face palm moment, something that the Statue of Liberty is trying to tell you, a demanding cat, a persistent cat, a girl who has no power and a very awkward shirt. Hope all of these improve your Monday mood.

Funny Pics 01

Funny Pics 02

Funny Pics 03

Funny Pics 04

Funny Pics 05

Funny Pics 06

Funny Pics 07

Funny Pics 08

Funny Pics 09

Funny Pics 10

Funny Pics 11

Funny Pics 12

Funny Pics 13

Funny Pics 14

Funny Pics 15

Funny Pics 16

Funny Pics 17

Funny Pics 18

Funny Pics 19

Funny Pics 20

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