2010 FIFA World Cup Match Schedule


FIFA2010Logo 2010 FIFA World Cup Match Schedule  The 2010 FIFA World Cup is kicking off on the 11th of June in Johannesburg. It’s one of the biggest sporting events on the planet. Hype is on the increase in South Africa and around the world. Tickets are being sold. Preparations are being done to accommodate tourists and spectators. South Africa will become the 2nd nation in the world to have hosted the Cricket, Rugby and Football World Cup tournaments. 32 teams from around the world will be competing for Football’s greatest prize. Italy will be looking to defend their tile. Brazil will be looking to win their 6the FIFA World Cup trophy. This is truly going to be exciting, so brace yourself.

This is the match schedule for the 2010 FIFA World Cup:

Date Team 1 Team 2 Venue Kick-off
11 June South Africa Mexico Soccer City 16:00
11 June Uruguay France Cape Town Stadium 20:30
12 June Greece South Korea Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium 13:30
12 June Argentina Nigeria Coca Cola Park 16:00
12 June England United States Royal Bafokeng Stadium 20:30
13 June Algeria Slovenia Peter Mokaba Stadium 13:30
13 June Serbia Ghana Loftus Versfeld Stadium 16:00
13 June Germany Australia Moses Mabhida Stadium 20:30
14 June The Netherlands Denmark Soccer City 13:30
14 June Japan Cameroon Free State Stadium 16:00
14 June Italy Paraguay Cape Town Stadium 20:30
15 June New Zealand Slovakia Royal Bafokeng Stadium 13:30
15 June Cote d’Ivoire Portugal Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium 16:00
15 June North Korea Brazil Coca Cola Park 20:30
16 June Honduras Chile Mbombela Stadium 13:30
16 June Spain Switzerland Moses Mabhida Stadium 16:00
16 June South Africa Uruguay Loftus Versfeld Stadium 20:30
17 June Argentina South Korea Soccer City 13:30
17 June Greece Nigeria Free State Stadium 16:00
17 June France Mexico Peter Mokaba Stadium 20:30
18 June Germany Serbia Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium 13:30
18 June Slovenia United States Coca Cola Park 16:00
18 June England Algeria Cape Town Stadium 20:30
19 June The Netherlands Japan Moses Mabhida Stadium 13:30
19 June Ghana Australia Royal Bafokeng Stadium 16:00
19 June Cameroon Denmark Loftus Versfeld Stadium 20:30
20 June Slovakia Paraguay Free State Stadium 13:30
20 June Italy New Zealand Mbombela Stadium 16:00
20 June Brazil Cote d’Ivoire Soccer City 20:30
21 June Portugal North Korea Cape Town Stadium 13:30
21 June Chile Switzerland Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium 16:00
21 June Spain Honduras Coca Cola Park 20:30
22 June Mexico Uruguay Royal Bafokeng Stadium 16:00
22 June South Africa France Free State Stadium 16:00
22 June Nigeria South Korea Moses Mabhida Stadium 20:30
22 June Greece Argentina Peter Mokaba Stadium 20:30
23 June Slovenia England Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium 16:00
23 June United States Algeria Loftus Versfeld Stadium 16:00
23 June Ghana Germany Soccer City 20:30
23 June Australia Serbia Mbombela Stadium 20:30
24 June Slovakia Italy Coca Cola Park 16:00
24 June Paraguay New Zealand Peter Mokaba Stadium 16:00
24 June Denmark Japan Royal Bafokeng Stadium 20:30
24 June Cameroon The Netherlands Cape Town Stadium 20:30
25 June Portugal Brazil Moses Mabhida Stadium 16:00
25 June North Korea Cote d’Ivoire Mbombela Stadium 16:00
25 June Chile Spain Loftus Versfeld Stadium 20:30
25 June Switzerland Honduras Free State Stadium 20:30
26 June Winner Group A (1) Runner Up Group B (1) Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium 16:00
26 June Winner Group C (3) Runner Up Group D (3) Royal Bafokeng Stadium 20:30
27 June Winner Group D (4) Runner Up Group C (4) Free State Stadium 16:00
27 June Winner Group B (2) Runner Up Group A (2) Soccer City 20:30
28 June Winner Group E (5) Runner Up Group F (5) Moses Mabhida Stadium 16:00
28 June Winner Group G (7) Runner Up Group H (7) Coca Cola Park 20:30
29 June Winner Group F (6) Runner Up Group E (6) Loftus Versfeld 16:00
29 June Winner Group H (8) Runner Up Group G (8) Cape Town Stadium 20:30
2 July Winner Match 5 (QF C) Winner Match 7 (QF C) Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium 16:00
2 July Winner Match 1 (QF A) Winner Match 3 (QF A) Soccer City 20:30
3 July Winner Match 2 (QF B) Winner Match 4 (QF B) Cape Town Stadium 16:00
3 July Winner Match 6 (QF D) Winner Match 8 (QF D) Coca Cola Park 20:30
6 July Winner QF A (Semi Final I) Winner QF C (Semi Final I) Cape Town Stadium 20:30
7 July Winner QF B (Semi Final II) Winner QF D (Semi Final II) Moses Mabhida Stadium 20:30
10 July Loser Semi Final I Loser Semi Final II Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium 20:30
11 July Finalist I Finalist II Soccer City 20:30

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