2010 FIFA World Cup: Official Song


shakira-343x480 2010 FIFA World Cup: Official Song  The 2010 FIFA World Cup kicks off in South Africa on the 11th of June. Running Wolf’s Rant has covered the 2010 FIFA World Cup Match Schedule, all the teams that will be playing in the tournament, the stadiums that will be used and the 2010 FIFA World Cup Mascot. The official song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup is Waka Waka – This Time for Africa and is performed by Shakira and also features South African act Freshly Ground. The whole world is gonna get into FIFA World Cup fever in the coming weeks. Only 4% of tickets for games have not been sold yet and hype is building all over for the tournament.

First of all, I can’t believe that FIFA did not choose a proper South African artist for the Official FIFA World Cup song. I’m utterly disgusted by this tune. I’m sure that someone like Die Heuwels Fantasties or Goldfish could do a better job if they collaborated with someone like Mendoza or the Soweto Gospel Choir than this song by Shakira and Freshly Ground. Who cares if Shakira has sold millions of records? She’s not South African, period. We are hosting the FIFA World Cup after all so the theme song should be done by an artist or artists from South Africa (like PJ Powers did for the 1995 Rugby World Cup). Secondly, I’m surprised that Ferdinand Rabie (the winner of the first South African Big Brother) was not used in this video since he could probably copyright the phrase “Waka Waka” for the amount of times he’s used it. I’m sure that the South African media will be suckered into playing this song to death on the radio and television, so brace yourselves for a “not-so-awesome” overplayed and under rated official 2010 FIFA World Cup song. I for one will be switching off my radio when I hear this song and I’m sure that other South Africans will do the same. Shame on the person or persons who wrote such an utter crap song for the first FIFA World Cup tournament on the African continent.

This is the video for Waka Waka – This Time for Africa:

I will be attending one of the knockout matches at Loftus Versfeld in Pretoria (in the 2nd stage of the tournament). The Football and Rugby sections in the Sport category of Running Wolf’s Rant is updated regularly, so feel free to visit us again.

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  • Geoffrey Chisnall

    what the hell were they thinking?

  • watokal

    They should get Ras Dumisani to write and sing something..

    • Watokal: Hell no. I don’t want my ears to bleed again 😛

  • Karabo

    I thnk its great…

    • Karabo: The video is great, the song is not 😛

  • Wenchy

    Is a seriously kak song that.

    I may have been able to come up with something more exciting. Honest.

  • keerthirajan

    very nice