3 Sizzling Hot Models that will warm up your room

Yes! It’s that time on Running Wolf’s Rant again. I’m featuring another 3 sizzling hot models today. These three ladies (who hail from Venezuela and Canada) will most probably heat up your room so make sure that turn down that heater (in the Southern Hempishere) and that turn up that air conditioner (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere).

Sophia Brucker: Our first sizzling hot model hails from Caracas, Venezuela but moved to the USA in 2008. She’s 20 years old and a full time student. She might come across as a dumb blonde, but she can speak Spanish and German. She reckons that there is no way a woman can be completely beautiful without brains. Sophia has appeared on numerous websites and in numerous magazines and she’s also done runway work for a few brands.

She is definitely one of the most stunning blondes that I’ve seen out of the Northern part of South America. Join her Facebook page to show your support for her. You can follow her on Twitter via @sophiabrucker as well.

Sophia Brucker 01

Sophia Brucker 02

Sophia Brucker 03

Felicia Windebank: Our second sizzling hot model hails from Ontario in Canada. She’s 21 years old and not much is written about her. From what I could gather online, she’s interested in doing in all kinds of modelling including swimwear, lingerie, fitness, glamour, fitness and other genres. She is one of the prettiest brunettes I’ve seen in recent times. You can follow her on Twitter via @felicialynnw.

Felicia Windebank 01

Felicia Windebank 02

Felicia Windebank 03

Lena Martinson: Our third sizzling hot  model is 20 years old and hails from Toronto, Ontario in Canada. She’s originally from Los Angeles, California in the USA. She loves anything that gets her off her feet – it doesn’t matter if it’s a funky beat or an exciting opportunity. Lena is open-minded and striving for success in every category. Her biggest goal and wildest dream is to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine all around the world. You can follow her on Twitter via @LenaMartinson and feel free to join her Facebook page.

Lena Martinson 01

Lena Martinson 02

Lena Martinson 03

There you have it, 3 sizzling hot models that will warm up your room. Which one of these ladies warms up the room the most? Wipe the drool off your keyboard and leave a comment here. Feedback is appreciated and welcome. All three these ladies were featured on Playboy’s Miss Social Page on Facebook so make sure you check that out for more hot models.

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Watch this space for regular updates in the Babes category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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