33 things you need for Oppikoppi: A stage manager’s perspective

Oppikoppi 2012I have been working hard and partying hard at Oppikoppi for years. It is now 29 days until we all hit the awesomeness that will be Oppikoppi 2013 Bewilderbeast. This year I will once again be stage managing one of the main stages & I have decided to share my list of things I use with you in order to help you make your Oppikoppi experience better. So here goes!

  1. Tent: Obviously if you are not staying in one of the nice tented hotels, you need a place to stay. The bigger the better. If you own a camper van or tricked out Land Cruiser, even better!
  2. Warm sleeping bag: It gets ridiculously cold on the farm if you didn’t know.
  3. Pillow: For obvious reasons
  4. Mattress: Not always necessary, but great to have.
  5. Warm jacket: As I said – you don’t want your nipples poking through your shirt all the time.
  6. Old clothes: You don’t want to ruin every fancy shirt & pair of jeans you own.
  7. Beanie: Your brain likes to be warm from other ways than just alcohol.
  8. Gloves: Alcohol containers can be very cold.
  9. Boots: Preferably ones with great ankle support as you will be standing a lot.
  10. Flashlight / headlamp: It is hard to find a toilet or tent in the dark when you are wasted.
  11. Hazard tape: This will be used to designate your ever shrinking personal space around your campsite.
  12. Hammer and multi-tool / knife: To help set up camp. Leave it at the camp. Don’t take it into the festival terrain. Remember that security is swift at Oppikoppi.
  13. Cellphone car charger: Obviously you want to keep in touch with your peeps.
  14. Extra Cellphone Battery: If you have an iPhone buy a charge case.
  15. Extra car battery: Only if you can. They do sometimes die in Northam.
  16. Two Towels: Things get very dirty. You need extras.
  17. Bodywash: You don’t have to smell like shit the entire time.
  18. Portable shower: If you can. Showers are not always available and  there will be no hot water unless you are in a tented hotel.
  19. Wet wipes: You won’t always have time to shower, so wipe yourself down.
  20. Hand sanitizer: You don’t want to stick your dirty fingers into a nice ladies’ bits.
  21. Suncreen: Days are hot. Nights are cold. You will burn to a crisp.
  22. Sunglasses: Not only will they hide your shame but they will keep your retinas from burning into the back of your skull.
  23. Bandanna / paint mask / buff: Something to keep the dust out of your airways. It won’t keep out everything, but it will make a difference to the amount you can drink & smoke.
  24. Disposable braai /gas braai: It’s always good to have a nice vibe going at camp after the shows & to cook your breakfast.
  25. Wood and ice: Buy in Northam or on the farm if you can.
  26. Cooler box for food & beverages: You need sustenance – and lot’s of alcohol.
  27. Cutlery & utensils:  Brings pans, knives & forks, etc. Contrary to popular belief you are NOT a total animal.
  28. Extra Water: This is very important. You can never have enough.
  29. Extra Cigarettes: They are a rare commodity at the farm.
  30. Plastic Glasses: No glass is allowed in the festival terrain.
  31. Money: Lots and lots of it.
  32. Condoms / Contraception: Oppikoppi babies are only cool when they have grown up. The first 18 or so years will be rough.
  33. A good attitude: No one likes a douche bag. Except his douche bag friends. Don’t be the prick that ruins Koppi for people.

There you go. This list has never failed me. I’m sure it will not fail you. Looking forward to seeing all you great Bewilderbeast Hooligans from the stage.

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