Park Acoustics 24 Feb 2013

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss the Next Park Acoustics

Park Acoustics 24 Feb 2013 4 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss the Next Park AcousticsGreat news! The next edition of Park Acoustics is coming on the 24th of February 2013. The Voortrekker Monument will once again be the place where more than 1,500 of Gauteng’s music loving pilgrims will make their way to for a day of awesome tunes and hilarious stand-up comedy.

Park Acoustics has cemented itself as one of Pretoria’s favorite Sunday outtings over the last few years. There’s never a dull moment at one of these chilled out events in the Capital City – Just ask anyone who’s been to one of them.

Today I’m offering you 4 reasons why you should not miss the next Park Acoustics. I trust that this will motivate you to get off your lazy music loving butt and support SA Music.

Reason One – The line-up is magnificent: The 24th February edition of Park Acoustics will feature appearances by Yoav, Wrestlerish, Lise Chris, Matthew Mole and Catlike Thieves. All 5 these acts have made some waves in the SA Music industry over the last few years. I’m particularly psyched up about seeing all of them and those of you reading this who know who they all are should be too.

Be prepared to be inspired by Lise Chris, to get your dancing shoes on during the Cat Like Thieves, to reflect during Matthew Mole, to enjoy some easy-listening rock sounds by Wrestlerish and to be blown about Yoav. There is absolutely no shortage of musical talent at this show.

After the bands you’ll have the choice to either dance your behind off before the sunset during DJ Michel Lesar’s set or to laugh your ass off whilst experiencing the comedy antics of the likes of Melt Sieberhagen, Hannes Brummer, Monique Nortjee, Werner Cloete and Francois van As before you experience an awesome Pretoria sunset.

Reason Two – The vibe is going to awesome: I’ve never been to a boring Park Acoustics. It always turns into a mini Sunday party after the bands stop playing. If you wanna bring your own booze you can as long as you bring some plastic containers to drink it out of. There is also a reasonably priced bar with friendly staff, some food stalls with really good food, some really hot ladies (for the dudes) and some reasonably good looking dudes (for the ladies).

And don’t forget that Braaiboy is on stand-by the whole event to either offer you some food or help you braai your own meat, so leave that Cadac at home if you decide to come. The art-loving folks reading this will also be glad to know that Postbox has a stand at Park Acoustics, so make sure that you check it out if art is your thing.

Reason Three – It’s CHEAP: Pre-sold Park Acoustics tickets cost R70 via Ticketbreak. That’s NOT an arm and a leg for 5 artists, a DJ and a comedian. If you miss out on buying the pre-sold tickets, you can buy tickets at the gate for R80. Gates open at 10 AM and the first act is on stage at 11 AM. Please note that there are no weapons, illegal substances, domestic animals or bad vibes allowed. There’s also a free bus service that picks up at the parking area near the Voortrekker Monument and transports you up to Fort Schanskop (where the event is held). The last bus down to the parking area is at 19:30.

Reason Four – It’s My Birthday: Yes, it’s true, I’m taking a step forward towards my 40′s on the same day as Park Acoustics. Many of my friends have already confirmed that they’re joining me there on the day. It will be awesome if all of you reading us join me on the day. It will definitely splice up the vibe and put both me and you all in a good mood.

I’m pretty sure that many of you reading this are pretty psyched up about this event now! Make sure that you check this out!

If you need more information about Park Acoustics, follow @parkacoustics on Twitter, check out the Facebook Event page or keep a watchful eye on the Park Acoustics Facebook page for updates.

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