4 stunning hotties for Titillating Tuesday


Is the winter cold getting to you? Well, get ready to warm up a bit, it’s time for another edition of Titillating Tuesday on Running Wolf’s Rant. Today I’m featuring 4 stunning hotties that are guaranteed to warm you up.

The first hottie for today is stunning blonde South African model, Kristin Van Dijk (who is based in Johannesburg). She is definitely one of the hottest Johannesburg babes that I’ve seen in recent times. The second hottie for today has been featured on this site multiple times and needs no introduction: Kate Upton (a very sexy blonde supermodel from the USA). She showcases those sexy curves and assets of hers in some really sexy lingerie in today’s batch of photos.

The third babe for today is sexy brunette Playboy model Luna Sauvage (who was born in Rome, Italy but now lives in the USA). She’s so sexy I’m considering visiting Italy one day. Our fourth and final babe for today’s edition of Titillating Tuesday is Xenia Deli (who hails from Moldova and has also been featured here before). She shows off her sexy body in some sexy lingerie in today’s batch of photos.┬áHope these ladies warm you up on this cold Winter’s night in the Southern hemisphere.

Kristin Van Dijk 01

Kristin Van Dijk 03

Kristin Van Dijk 04

Kristin Van Dijk 05

Kristin Van Dijk 02

Kate Upton 01

Kate Upton 03

Kate Upton 02

Kate Upton 04

Kate Upton 05

Luna Sauvage 01

Luna Sauvage 02

Luna Sauvage 03

Luna Sauvage 04

Luna Sauvage 05

Xenia Deli 01

Xenia Deli 02

Xenia Deli 03

Xenia Deli 04

Xenia Deli 05

Well, there you have it, another edition of Titillating Tuesday done and dusted. If you’ve enjoyed viewing these sexy babes, feel free to share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: Sharing is Caring.

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