5 Gum Experience: The Kooks in South Africa (Video)


It feels like I attended the 5 Gum Experience in Johannesburg yesterday, but it was in fact more than 3 weeks ago already. Despite the transport hiccups, it was one of the most awesome experiences I’ve had so far in 2013.

5-Gum-Experience-720x480 5 Gum Experience: The Kooks in South Africa (Video)

Seeing The Kooks, The Stellas and Shortstraw live under the M2 motorway and experiencing the awesome vibe that a crowd of 5,000 people creates (despite getting sopping wet) was a unique experience. I get flash blacks to that awesome night now and then and I’m hoping that the next 5 Gum Experience is also going to rock my socks off.

This video was produced We-are-awesome Film. Additional Cameras were handled by Hanro Havenga and Kevin Schnider,
Sound Design was handled by Gerdus Oosthuizen and Music in the video comes to from the Kooks and Shortstraw. This clip is pretty damn awesome – a brilliant piece of video.

Now I really wish that the next 5 Gum Experience comes along quickly. Hopefully all of us won’t get wet this time around.

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