5 Sizzling Hot Babes from Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones Season 3 is currently showing on television in the USA. The show (which is based on the “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series by George R.R. Martin) made its debut in 2011 and has become one of the most popular shows on television.

Game of Thrones has a whole bunch of hot female cast members. That totally gives the show bragging rights (and I’m pretty sure that many of you reading this article will agree with me). Today I’m featuring 5 Sizzling Hot Babes who have made their appearance on Game of Thrones at some point to show you why. If you’re reading this at the office, try not to drool on the keyboard.

Emilia Clarke: In the series she plays exiled princess Daenerys Targaryen who is one of the last surviving members of House Targaryen (the former rulers of Westeros). She’s the only daughter of King Aerys II Targaryen and she married Kahl Drogo and became Khaleesi (Queen) of his tribe (the Dothraki).

Definitely one of the most strong-willed women and one of best-developed characters on Game of Thrones in my opinion. Before the show she appeared in episodes of Triassic Attack and Doctors on television. She’s also appeared in two films in 2012 (Spike Island and Shackled). Early this year she also voiced a character on an episode of Futurama and appeared in a stage production of Breakfast At Tiffany’s at the Cort Theatre in New York City. This 26 year old actress has a bright future ahead of her. I’m pretty sure that we’ll see her in many films and TV shows in the future.  You can follow Emilia Clarke on Twitter via @_millyclarke_.

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Natalie Dormer: In the series she plays the beautiful, smart and cunning Margaery Tyrell. She becomes part of a plan to take the Iron Throne from King Joffrey (a mission that involves marrying Renly Baratheon, the brother of the late King Robert).

This 31 year old actress (who hails from Berkshire, England in the UK) made her acting debut in the 2005 film Casanova. She’s also appeared in the 2007 film Flawless, the 2009 film City of Life, the 2011 film Captain America: The First Avenger and the 2013 film Rubicon. Besides this she’s also appeared in various TV shows including The Tudors, Rebus and Elementary.

She’s also done her fair share of acting on the stage in London. Her role in Game of Thrones may not be that massive, but she’s still one of the hottest women on the show.

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Roxanne McKee: In the series she plays the recurring character Doreah (who is a former prostitute who works as a sexy servant to Daenerys Targaryen). She is tasked with teaching Daenerys how to best satisfy her husband sexually.

Roxanne McKee was born in 1980 in Canada. She has appeared in episodes of Eastenders: E20 and Hollyoaks on television in the UK. She has also appeared in a few music videos and in two films in 2012 (Lewis and Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines). She’s definitely one of the hottest women on Game of Thrones. You can follow her on Twitter via @Roxanne_Mckee.

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Lena Headey: In the series she is Cersei Lannister (the wife to King Robert Baratheon and the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms). She’s also the twin sister of Jaime Lannister and has an incestuous relationship with her brother which creates three children.

This 39 year old actress was born in Bermuda and made her acting debut in 1993 (when she appeared in four different TV shows and one movie). She has appeared in tons of films over the years since then, including the 2005 movie The Brother’s Grimm, the 2007 film 300 and the 2012 film Dredd. She is also cast in the upcoming sequel to 300 (which is entitled 300: Rise of An Empire). Besides Game of Thrones, Lena has also appeared in a long of TV shows and made for TV films over the years including Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and White Collar. You can follow her on Twitter via @IAMLenaHeadey.

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Sibel Kekilli: In the show she plays Shae, a young prostitute serving Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion initially confines Shae but later makes her the handmaiden to Sansa.

Sibel Kekilli was born in 1980 in Germany. She made her acting debut in 2003 and has appeared in numerous German language films since then. She has won two Lola Awards for her achievements in acting (the highest achievement for acting in Germany).

Sibel Kekilli 01

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There you have it, 5 Sizzling Hot Babes from Game of Thrones. Which one of these babes are the hottest according to you? Leave a comment and let me know. I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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