A Collection of photos I snapped at live music shows


If you are a regular reader of Running Wolf’s Rant, you’ll know that I go to a lot of live music shows in and around Gauteng. This past weekend I was at 2 live shows: Collective Soul & Lifehouse in Johannesburg on Friday and Park Acoustics (featuring Koos Kombuis & Karen Zoid) on Sunday. The fact is, I just love live music.

I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately, so I thought I’d share my memories with you. Here are some photos I snapped at live music shows with a little story about each of them…

Jakkals (Bittereinder) on stage at Hatfield Carnival in 2014: Remember Hatfield, Pretoria in its hayday? Remember the street parties that pulled thousands of people during Tuks Rag and New Year’s Eve? Well, I do. 2014 was the last year that there was a proper street party in Hatfield and Bittereinder was one of the acts that played on the stage which was built on the corner of Burnett & Festival Streets. I snapped this photo of Jaco Van Der Merwe during their set.

Jaco-Van-Der-Merwe-at-Hatfield-Carnival-in-2014 A Collection of photos I snapped at live music shows

Rob Visser (Man As Machine) on stage at Arcade Empire: I don’t remember exactly when this gig happened at one of my favorite live music venues in Pretoria, but I do remember that I enjoyed myself immensely. This was probably one of the best Man As Machine gigs I’ve attended in my lifetime. The band was really on fire that night.

Rob-Visser-at-Arcade-Empire-in-2015 A Collection of photos I snapped at live music shows

Dave Matthews on stage in Johannesburg: The year was 2013 and I was really looking forward to the Dave Matthews Band concert in Jozi at the Dome. Sadly I could not afford tickets, but the folks at Big Concerts allowed me to take photos on the night and I got to see one my favorite acts that I’d been waiting to see live since the mid 1990’s. I’ll never forget how excited I felt when Dave Matthews hit the first cord of Don’t Drink The Water when was in the photo pit. Kudos to the folks who made this happen.

Dave-Matthews-on-stage-in-Johannesburg A Collection of photos I snapped at live music shows

Benjamin Kowalewicz (Billy Talent) on stage in Pretoria: In August 2013 Billy Talent made their way to South Africa for a second time and I was one of the lucky few who had the opportunity to photograph them at the National Botanical Gardens. At some point during their set, frontman Benjamin Kowalewicz started headbanging whilst they were rocking out and I think I captured his focus perfectly.

Billy-Talent-in-Pretoria-in-2013 A Collection of photos I snapped at live music shows

Cito Otto (Wonderboom) on stage at Oppikoppi 2014: 4 years ago Oppikoppi Festival turned 20 years old and the organizers celebrated this milestone with great performances by legendary SA artists. Wonderboom played on the James Philips Stage and I was instantly transported to the mid 1990’s by their mesmerizing set. I snapped this photo of Cito to remind me how awesome it was.

Cito-from-Wonderboom-at-Oppikoppi-2014 A Collection of photos I snapped at live music shows

Jesse Hughes (Eagles of Death Metal) on stage at Oppikoppi 2012: In August 2012 music fans were treated to an overdose of awesome rock bands at Oppikoppi. One of the acts that completely blew everyone away was definitely Eagles of Death Metal. It’s a pity that Josh Homme wasn’t on tour with them, but I did take this close-up shot of Jesse Hughes during their set. The man has a mean tache and an awesome stage personality and I hope him and his band come back to SA one day.

Jesse-Hughes-from-Eagles-of-Death-Metal-at-Oppikoppi-2012 A Collection of photos I snapped at live music shows

Pedro Barbosa (The Barbosa Experience) on stage at Aandklas, Hatfield: A few weeks ago the owner of the Aandklas, Hatfield celebrated his birthday and The Barbosa Experience jammed a lekker set. I dunno why Pedro pointed at me, but it was the perfect photo opportunity for yours truly.

Pedro-Barbosa-at-Aandklas-Hatfield A Collection of photos I snapped at live music shows

The Narrow on stage at RAMFest 2010 Johannesburg: I’ve been going to live shows since the late 1990’s, but things really kicked into overdrive from 2010 onwards. The Narrow and a few other local bands played a little one day festival called RAMFest in March 2010 at Emmerentia Dam in Jozi. It was fucking hot and I had a really shitty camera, but the photos I took came out okay. I might be mistaken, but I think this photo was actually used in a promo on MK for another show.

The-Narrow-at-Ramfest-in-2010 A Collection of photos I snapped at live music shows

Scene at the Iron Maiden concert at Carnival City in 2016: British Metal Kings Iron Maiden made their way to SA in May 2016 and I have to admit that it was a pretty damn amazing show. Sadly I did not get up close and personal with Mr Dickinson, but I did snap this photo of the crowd during their set. I really hope they come back to SA again some day.

Iron-Maiden-In-South-Africa-in-2016 A Collection of photos I snapped at live music shows

Crowd during Goldfish set at Park Acoustics in 2015: In November 2015 Goldfish headlined the last Park Acoustics of that year at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria. A huge crowd gathered in front of the stage and I just could not resist snapping this photo of them.

Goldfish-at-Park-Acoustics-in-2015 A Collection of photos I snapped at live music shows

Well, there you have it, a collection of photos I snapped at live music shows and some info about them. I hope that you’ve enjoyed my little trip down memory lane.

Which one of these photos is your favorite an why? Leave a comment below and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Photography category on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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