A Reminder about Alcohol from Naruto


The festive season is in full swing. I’m currently visiting my folks in the Limpopo province of South Africa. The warm weather I’m experiencing is driving me to have a least 1 Black Label sometime during the day. It’s kind of impossible not to do since it gets up to 37 degrees during the day this time of the year. A lot of you are probably familiar with Uzimaki Naruto (the main character in the Japanese Anime shows Naruto and Naruto Shipuuden). Today Naruto has a special message for all of you out there. This might just be proof that alcohol is not bad for you (when used moderately at least). If you are dealing with stupid people on a daily basis or living in a small town (like my old home town) this advice might just prevent you from going insane (although I’m sure there’s other ways to deal with daily frustrations).

Naruto-Motivational-600x437 A Reminder about Alcohol from Naruto

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