Abu Dhabi Skyline


Abu Dhabi is the capital and second largest city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Abu Dhabi has grown to be a cosmopolitan metropolis over the years. I’ve not visited this city, but I’ve been to its neighbour, Dubai. Abu Dhabi is located on the North-Eastern part of the Persian Gulf in the Arabian Peninsula. The city is on an island very close to the UAE mainland and is joined by 2 bridges. The city was planned in the 1970s for an estimated maximum population of 600,000. Today Abu Dhabi has an estimated population of 900,000. This photo of the Abu Dhabi Skyline has been selected as the Daily Cool Photo on Running Wolf’s Rant for the 15th of April 2011.

Abu-Dhabi-Skyline-600x450 Abu Dhabi Skyline

Yesterday a photo of the Baku Skyline (a city which is located in Azerbaijan) was the Daily Cool Photo on Running Wolf’s Rant. Watch this space for updates. The Technology, Babes, Events, Facts, Gaming, Humor, Music, Movies, Opinion, Photography, Sport and Television categories are updated constantly. Feedback on posts is appreciated and welcome, so feel free to comment on anything you might have an opinion about.

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  • meemz

    This is Dubai not Abu Dhabi. kindly know your cities before posting pics.

    • Juzzy

      Correct. This is Dubai. You can see the Emirates Towers on the left and there are other recognizable towers around the Trade Center area.