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Album Review: Riaan Nieuwenhuis – Collaborator


In case you did not know, Riaan Nieuwenhuis is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from the Western Cape. His music spans the genres of Indie Rock to New Age, Classical and Blues. Compositions range from spacious, ethereal and melodic piano, to adrenalin-pumping, power-driven rock instrumentals.

He’s travelled the world and has exchanged musical ideas and interacted with foreign musicians. He fuses his own ideas with these and local South African influences and creates dynamic and delicate world compositions while maintaining his originality.

Riaan is no stranger to the South African music scene. He’s been part of groups like Delta Blue (a band that Gerald Clark was part of as well), AGES, AMAfist and even an Afrikaans hip-hop group called Piet Potent.

He recently released his third studio album entitled “Collaborator” and if you’re a fan of hard rock, grunge, blues and even metal you will most likely find a track on there that gives you that “fix” you’ve been looking for.

My favorite track on the album is definitely “Slipstream”. This in your face rock ‘n roll track just blew me away. The guitar riffs and the melodies are just THAT well done. I think I still have most of my face left (yes, I suppose listening to it on repeat 3 times has that effect one me).

Just crank it up below or on Deezer and you’ll most likely agree with me.

The album is a masterpiece and something that you should really be listening from start to finish. Riaan Nieuwenhuis is definitely proof that South Africa has amazing talent worthy of global exposure and he might just get the exposure he needs in SA (thanks to the SABC ruling instituted the other day). Let’s hope that radio stations get on board and do their part.

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