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Essential Business Values # Lesson 1: Integrity and Kindness

A businessman once said to me “Integrity and your word mean nothing in this world. Don’t trust anyone and don’t believe anything.” This businessman introduced me to another businessman who I was going to

Introducing the Weaver Social Club

The Weaver Social Club is a interesting new take on meeting people that does not require awkward first dates, getting up to the confidence to walk over to a hot group of girls or

3 Mobile Apps to help you with Breakups

Breaking up is never easy. For some it may be, for others not so much. For people in Victorian times, a breakup was done with an eloquent letter, for people in 90’s it was

6 Reasons Why Johannesburg is NOT a Boring City

In South Africa we have a few awesome cities. There’s Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, Cape Town, etc, but Johannesburg is the best for me. Many people will complain about the pace of life in this amazing

Jozi Shore (Video)

What do you get when you add a spoof of Jersey Shore, some talented video producers and script writers, some buffed up guys drowning in spray tan and a view of Table Mountain? The

My Introduction to Suspended Coffees

Whenever I walk into a nice coffee shop on a horrid miserable rainy day I always think how lucky I am that I can afford to buy something to warm myself up with. So

Gun Control: Can the Gun Shoot Itself?

So here goes. My first opinion piece.  I struggled to find an apt topic, one which I could write and write and you, the reader,  will keep interested.  So here it is: Gun Control.
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