Best Vines of July 2013 (Video)

Vine LogoVine has been making headlines in the tech world since January 2013. This mobile app (which has been released for Android and Apple iOS) is owned by Twitter. Vine enables users to create and post video clips. The clips have a maximum length of 6 seconds.

Vine became the most used video-sharing application in the market (besides the fact that it has a low adoption rate) throughout 2013. It became the most download app on the Apple iOS store in April 2013. Facebook owned Instagram introduced a similar video service about a month ago to compete with Vine, but it has not been as widely adopted yet.

The awesome folks from the Vine Compilations channel on YouTube posted this video a few days ago. It’s named “The Best Vines of July 2013” but I’m think that this actually the 77 best vines that were posted during June. Some of these clips are hilariously funny.

Some of these vines are truly awesome, especially the one where someone throws their phone down from one of the higher storeys of a building. I admit that some of them are a little bit retarded, but you have to admire the creativity and the potential that this mobile app has.

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