Braaiboy to attempt the world’s first real underwater braai

Some of you might scratching your eyes and asking “What? He’s going to braai underwater?” Well, yes it’s not a grammatical error or spelling mistake, Braaiboy will be attempting to braai underwater on the 12th of October 2013 (this week Saturday).

So where is going to attempt this? Well, thanks to Geko Divers this historical event will take place at Ridgeback Village in Centurion (aka Tjoeras). The plan is basically for Braaiboy to be submerged and attempt a 3 hour braai.

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Regular readers of this blog will know that Braaiboy really knows how to braai. Last year he set a Guinness World Record for the longest continuous braai. This laaitie braaied for a whopping 62 hours (more than 2.5 days). He’s also on his 4.5 year uninterrupted braai streak. He has been braai-ing every single day since April 2009. This attempt at braai-ing under water is just adds proof to the fact that Braaiboy is South Africa’s Braai King and that there’s no telling what he will think of next. Later in October he will also be going to the USA as the co-captain of the South African National Braai Team.


There will be a charity aspect to Saturday’s Braaiboy event at Ridgeback Village and fellow braai enthusiasts and party lovers will be able to partake in the undertaking by eating the spoils. There will also be various other activities, various stalls and other entertainment to complete the day.

For more information join the conversation on the Braaiboy Facebook page and the Geko Divers Facebook page. You can also follow the conversation on Twitter via @BraaiBoy or @GekoDivers or the #Underwaterbraai Hashtag.

So, if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, pop into Ridgeback Village throughout Saturday. It promises to be one of the most interesting events on the Pretoria and Centurion calendar.

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