Be part of the Cuervolución…


2 days ago the awesome folks at Jose Cuervo launched the Cuervolución in South Africa. Hundreds of fans around the country changed their Facebook and Twitter profile pics to ones featuring a luchador masks to mark this special occasion. The luchador mask acts as the symbol of the movement.

Jose-Cuervo-Cuervolution-600x600 Be part of the Cuervolución...

The Cuervolución is a celebration for everyone who have made the switch and are making the switch to Jose Cuervo – that moment when everything boring turns into everything fun (just ask @BaasDeBeer, @TheArneD and few of my Jose Cuervo loving friends). Shots of the good stuff have been proven to be the catalyst that gets the party started, gets everyone on the dance floor or at least amp it up to a level that they did not expect.

So, Jose Cuervo has offered you shot loving peeps a challenge:

Look back on your life, at parties, at your best nights out. Things were routine and suddenly something changed. There was always a trigger. A catalyst. The moment when things flipped. Now that moment has a name, it’s the #Cuervolución. And it all starts with your first shot of Jose Cuervo.

Want to be part of the Cuervolución? Act NOW! Make the switch! Visit the Jose Cuervo Facebook page today for more information…

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