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Bring Me The Horizon and As I Lay Dying Confirmed for RAMFest 2013

Today at 12 noon the announcement was made that two other International Acts will join the line-up for RAMFEst 2013. British Metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon and As I Lay Dying from the USA have been added to line-up.

The two bands will join Rise Against (from the USA) and Paul Harding en Ben Verse from Pendulum (from Australia and the UK) at RAMfest 2013. I was only expecting an announcement for one international act, but the RAMFest organizers completely suprized me  today. I must admit that I’m not familiar with either of the bands’ music. I’ll have to do some audio-visual research on Bring Me The Horizon and As I Lay Dying on YouTube.

RAMFest 2013 720x265 Bring Me The Horizon and As I Lay Dying Confirmed for RAMFest 2013

For those who are in the dark (like me). Bring Me The Horizon was formed in Sheffield in the UK in 2004. The band has had many highlights since they launched their career. Bring Me The Horizon have won 3 Kerrang Awards: One in 2007 for Best British Newcomer, the second in 2011 for Best Album for “There Is A Hell…” and most recently in 2012 they won the award for Best British Video for “Alligator Blood.” In 2011 they were officially the biggest band on MySpace UK. They have over 3.4 million fans on Facebook and over 50 million UK & European views on YouTube for their official videos. In late 2011 BMTH supported Machine Head in UK and Europe, including a return to UK arenas. For the first 6 months of 2012 the band has been in the studio working on their next album, to be released through Sony in 2013. You can follow the band via @bmthofficial on Twitter and check out the BMTH official website for more information.

To give you an idea how Bring Me The Horizon sounds, check out their music video for their song “It Never Ends” below:

In case you did not know, As I Lay Dying is considered as one of the USA’s top metal attractions and have been celebrating their latest worldwide release last week (which is entitled ‘Awakened’). This is the band’s sixth studio album to date and its already receiving excellent reviews from the metal communities all across the globe. Their appearance at RAMfest 2013 will make up a part their world tour to promote “Awakened.” As I Lay Dying has been described by many as a rough blend between thrash and melodic death metal, but are more commonly described as leaders of the metalcore sound (which fuses extreme metal with elements of hardcore punk). Some consider As I Lay Dying as world class metal entertainers and I don’t think that they’ll disappoint at next year’s RAMFest.  They’ve played at major international festivals such like the Wacken Open Air festival, Soundwave Festival and Bloodstream festival. For more info follow them on Twitter via @ASILAYDYINGBAND, check out the As I Lay Dying Facebook page or the band’s official website.

To get an idea how they sound, check out their video for their song “Parallels” below:

Here’s a reminder of the dates and venues for RAMFest 2013 (which is coming to five cities in South Africa again):

  • 7, 8, 9 March 2013: RAMfest CT, Circle of Dreams, Riviersonderend – Including all international acts.
  • 8 March: RAMfest presents Pendulum DJ set & Verse, Durban, Venue TBC.
  • 13 March: RAMfest presents Pendulum DJ set & Verse, Bloemfontein, Venue TBC.
  • 15 March: RAMfest present Pendulum DJ set & Verse, Port Elizabeth, Venue TBC.
  • 15 March: RAMfest Durban, Wavehouse – ft. Rise Against, Bring Me The Horizon and As I Lay Dying.
  • 15 & 16 March: RAMfest JHB, Riversands Farm, Fourways – including all international acts.

If you need to book tickets, visit the Ticketbreak website. Tickets for RAMFest Cape Town cost R490 (limited early bird), R550 (pre-sold) or R650 (at the gate). Tickets for RAMFest Johannesburg cost R550 (pre-sold) or R650 at the gate. Tickets for RAMFest Durban (on the 15th of March) cost R350 (pre-sold) or R450 (at the gate). Early bird tickets for Johannesburg and Durban have been sold out.

Tickets for shows with the unconfirmed venues will be available soon and will cost R100 for Early Bird tickets and R150 for pre-sold tickets, so keep an eye on the Ticketbreak website.

I’m really looking forward to RAMFest 2013. I am planning to take the Hotbox Express down to Riviersonderend if the opportunity is going to be there. The last time I took that trip in 2011 it was totally friggin’ epic.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music News category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

RAMFEST  2013 Update: As I Lay Dying have pulled out and the Bloemfontein leg of RAMFest 2013 has been cancelled

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