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10 Facts: Beerism

This past weekend I attended Park Acoustics at Fort Schanskop on the Voortrekker Monument grounds. Brother Lee and Brother Baas decided to manifest their own special belief system (or “religion” – if you really want

10 Facts: Wolfmother

It’s a well-known fact that Wolfmother is coming to South Africa in August 2014. They will be headlining Oppikoppi 2014 Odyssey and One Night in Cape Town. It promises to be one of the

Pros & cons of moving to South Africa from the UK

Taking the decision to up sticks and move abroad is a momentous one at the best of times, and will involve a complete life change. There will inevitably be a period of total upheaval,

10 Beer Facts & Global Statistics (Infographic)

This post contains an infographic showcasing some Global Beer statistics. Being a beer drinker I find this fascinating, but before I get into that, check out these interesting facts about beer below: The oldest

10 Facts: X-Men

The X-Men have always been some of my favorite comic book heroes. I remember watching the  TV show when I was in high school during the mid nineties on Saturday mornings on K-TV (in

10 Facts: Fokofpolisiekar

Fokofpolisiekar is definitely one of my favorite bands of all time, mostly because they sing in my mother tongue. I first saw these boys live at Oppikoppi 10 in 2004 and have been listening