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Red Bull F1 Car

The lowdown on F1 cars

Every day we are getting closer and closer to the start of the F1 season and every day a small amount of pee escapes my urethra due to excitement. To...

F1 Car 02

The lowdown on F1 Engine Rules

My knowledge of a car and especially an engine stretches as far as opening the bonnet, pointing at the big metal thing in front of me and then proceeding to...

F1 cars

F1 Tyre Rules for Dummies

Right, I’m back with the second part of me trying to explain Formula 1 to you. I, like many people, do not know all that much about tyres. I know...

F1 Car

The Lowdown on the 2016 F1 Season

If you think that Formula 1 is just people driving around in circles and that anyone can do it then Soccer is just people kicking a ball into a net....

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