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15 Hilarious #SAPornTitles Tweets

Yesterday the South African Twitter sphere was abuzz with some hilarious #SAPornTitles tweets. Hundreds kept on coming throughout the day and clouded up almost every prim and proper Twitter user’s feed. South African comedians

South Africa’s Shift Into Mobile Technology

In 2013, Communications Minister Yunus Carrim boldly vowed to do what others before him had not been able to accomplish in their terms: to increase the penetration of the internet in the continent, and

Be part of the Cuervolución…

2 days ago the awesome folks at Jose Cuervo launched the Cuervolución in South Africa. Hundreds of fans around the country changed their Facebook and Twitter profile pics to ones featuring a luchador masks

3 reasons why I consider myself a Digital Nomad

Every day when my phone alarm wakes me up to get up for work, I’m reminded that we live in a digital age. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we live in the 21st Century, the

Facebook turns 10 years old (Video)

Facebook turned 10 today. It’s hard to believe that this social networking site has been around since the 4th of February 2004. It feels like only yesterday that I started using Facebook. Like many

Jack Vale’s Social Media Experiment (Video)

Social media is part of our daily lives, there’s no doubt in my mind about this. Jack Vale did a little social media experiment by walking around and freaking people out and making them think
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