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Apple celebrates the Macintosh’ 30th Birthday (Video)

Apple has been around since 1976 and love them or hate them, they have changed millions of peoples lives, thanks to Steve Jobs’ vision and the genius of the engineers, developers and designers that

This is Halloween…

Happy Halloween! My human and I love this holiday. Once you’ve been in the USA and have experienced the way they do Halloween you can’t help but get excited. Plus once a month we watch

iPhone tracker app – my trusted parental aide!

It’s safe to say that StealthGenie iPhone tracker has been of tremendous help in the upbringing of my three children. It has helped me through thick and thin and it has come in handy at the

Introducing the Weaver Social Club

The Weaver Social Club is a interesting new take on meeting people that does not require awkward first dates, getting up to the confidence to walk over to a hot group of girls or

Pimp your Gadets with is a South African company who provides custom designed covers, skins, cases, stickers and other accessories to protect, cover and personalize your gadgets. It’s a great way to pimp your gadgets. If you

Introducing an Excellent Opportunity from myScoop

Great News! myScoop (South Africa’s biggest blog network) recently underwent a revamp and now has awesome opportunities for both bloggers and brands. In case you did not know, myScoop was created in 2009 and

Valentine’s Day Infographic

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I have to admit that this has always been a case of “Single Reminder Day” for the most of my life (except for the times that I was

Instagram Terms of Service Changes

I’ve always been a fan of the popular photo sharing service Instagram. I don’t have an Instagram enabled phone at the moment, but I will be getting one early in 2013. I was looking