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Today’s Featured Babe on Running Wolf’s Rant is Cape Town based model Cee Bailey. She was previously featured on this blog as a Daily Babe.

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Cee Bailey started modelling when she was 9 years old, but she wasn’t that into really modelling until recently. She was more of your typical tomboy. Cee went to Karate classes and she joined this small club which was a part of the Royal Air Force where she did things like flying jets, gliding gliders, shooting rifles and machine guns – basically your typical RAF stuff.

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Cee Bailey was suppose to be signed up already to the RAF as a recruit but her family moved to South Africa. She started pursuing her modelling career again when she was 16.  She entered competitions and got noticed by the one and only FHM. She made it into the FHM Top 100 Models in 2011 and the FHM Top 100 Models for 2012. Her feature shoot with FHM was in October 2011.

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Cee Bailey has been in and out of FHM in small features but she’s aiming for a big feature with them with multiple pages. She has also been featured in quite a lot of music videos and adverts over the last few years. She’s also been the Babe of the week for so many websites (from SA Babes to LW MAG). Cee is also the the cover girl for La Royale Magazine. Its been a busy month for her and she loves it.

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I recently had the privilege to interview Cee Bailey and this is what she had to say:

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on my website at the moment, along with my calendar launch in Brazil, plus a cover for another online magazine and spread.

Cee Bailey 08

If you could pose for any magazine out there, which one would you pose for?

Wow, can I have more than one? First choice FHM, second choice Maxim Magazine.

Cee Bailey 05

Would you say that social media has changed your life, and how?

Yes definitely…without this social media I wouldn’t have gotten noticed from magazines, directors and other photographers and websites like yours.

Cee Bailey 17

What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you on a shoot?

Oh dear…it tends to happen to me quite a lot. I ramble on a lot like a lot and when I pose for long my eye tends to twitch because I stare into the camera lens for too long….more embarrassing than funny

Cee Bailey 13

If you could give aspiring models out there any tips, what would they be?

Be yourself and if you want it hard and badly enough pursue it and keep pushing on even if you get rejected. A great model once said rejecting is the key to success and the beginning of many things to come, I think that was Tyra Banks.

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Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Living the ultimate dream with all my goals done and achieved. With my own agency, helping other girls, having achieved Maxim, FHM and a GQ spread and feature – as well as having my own clothing line already out there.

Cee Bailey 14

Cee Bailey 01

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cee Bailey for taking her time to do this interview with me. If you’re not following her on Twitter yet, do it via @CeeBailey. You can also check out the Cee Bailey Facebook fan page and her FHM Modelbook profile.

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  • cee

    Thank You Henno for this opportunity and the feature! Awesome working with you! Mwha! Xoxo

    • My pleasure Cee 🙂 You were pretty awesome to work with as well, lightning fast response 🙂

  • cee

    Heehee You’re too awesome 🙂 Xoxo