Celebrate Running Wolf’s Rant’s 9th Birthday at Aandklas Hatfield


Running Wolf’s Rant was founded in August 2008 and has come a long way since then. I started this blog because a friend told me that “I had too much to tell the world” and that I should start a blog. Over 3,400 articles, thousands of photos and tons of live gigs and festivals later and it turns out that I made the right decision years ago.

The-Dandies-Avade-Strait-Jackal-Live-at-Aandklas-720x271 Celebrate Running Wolf's Rant's 9th Birthday at Aandklas Hatfield

Great News! I’m turning 40 this year, my blog is turning 9 and Bobbejaan is turning 1.3 as well, so we definitely have a reason to celebrate. On Saturday the 25th of February we’ll be having a bit of a get together at Aandklas Hatfield and to make things less boring, three bands will be performing in the evening; Avade (a 3 piece rock band from Durban), The Dandies (who also played at our birthday bash last year at RAD in Centurion) and Strait Jackal (a band that makes want to channel the Rage Against The Machine fan in me).

Aandklas Celebrate Running Wolf's Rant's 9th Birthday at Aandklas Hatfield

Pull in around 4 PM, order some drinks and listen to kief tunes on the deck and hang out with us. The bands will start after 8 PM and Bobbejaan’s DJ’s will be spinning kief tunes before they start, in between sets and after they’ve stopped playing. I suggest that you give your liver a pep talk, because it’s going to be a party. R30 gets you in. For more information, check out the Event Page on Facebook.

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