Comedians: Ross Noble


Ross Noble was born in Cramlington, Northumberland in the United Kingdom in 1976. This English stand-up comedian has risen to fame by appearing regularly on Australian and British television. In a poll for the 100 Greatest Stand-ups by British television channel Channel 4 Ross Noble was ranked at number 10. Very often a large percentage of his stand-up set consist around conversations and heckles with members of the audience.

He is known for his largely improvised and surreal performance and delivery with a stream of consciousness. He’s also fond of miming actions on stage and keeping the audience involved. Ross Noble has released 4 DVDs to date, Unrealtime in 2004, Sonic Waffle in 2005, Randomist in 2006 and Fizzy Logic in 2007. It’s a pity that not many people in my native South Africa know about this comedian because he’s brilliant and I consider him to be one of the funniest comedians ever out of the United Kingdom.

RossNoble Comedians: Ross Noble

Here a few quotes from Ross Noble:

“How come Miss Universe is only won by people from Earth?”

“Tonight’s show is sponsored by Ted Danson’s Pizza shack!”

“They could have just had a massive pile of burning tyres and more people would have turned up. Especially if they put S Club 7 on the top of it” (Referring to the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations in London)

“Never Put A Blanket Over An Owl.”

“Special olympics!? Special olympics? That’s so patronising… there’s nothin’ special about losin’ a leg!”

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