“Controversial” KFC South Africa Advert (Video)

World surfing champion Australian surfer, Mick Fanning, escaped an attack by a great white shark during the J-Bay Open in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa, in mid July.

KFC South Africa created a parody of the attack, showing a look-alike surfer being attacked by a shark only to lift it above his head while surfing a wave… with the tagline: “next level awesome”.


Elizabeth Osborne (Fanning’s Mother) called the advert disrespectful. In an interview with Fairfax Media she said “Some families have had fatalities and some people are still absolutely scarred without limbs. It’s disrespectful to them, and Mick is not at all happy with that.” She added that the World Surf League was preparing to take legal action against KFC, which did not provide comment.

Check out the advert below:

If you take the fact away that this advert is a parody, it would still be a “next level awesome” advert in my humble opinion.

It’s pretty clever, but I can totally see why it’s seen as “controversial” by some people (especially surfers who had near death experiences). Sharks biting people’s limbs off is not a funny subject at all.

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