3 Debonairs “2 Types of Tasty” Vouchers Up For Grabs!


I’m a huge fan of pizza, in many shapes, forms and sizes. There is no better food to cure a hangover. One of my favorite South African pizza makers are Debonairs. For those of you who did not know, Debonairs is the leading pizza restaurant 0n the African continent. The company was established in 1991 by two university students (one being Craig McKenzie, who operated from a family bakery in Pietermaritzburg in Kwazulu Natal). Debonairs is now part of the Famous Brands group of companies.

Debonairs 3 Debonairs "2 Types of Tasty" Vouchers Up For Grabs!

Debonairs now brings you their new and delicious advertising campaign: 2 Types of Tasty. The concept is quite simple – two completely different flavours in one unique offering. The charm and humour added by Somizi Mhlongo (the campaign ambassador) makes it different and fun.  Somizi Mhlongo (known affectionately as somGAGA to his fans) is a performer, choreographer, musician, actor, fashionista and socialite. He is everything that is hot right now.  He’s famous for his Swarovski-studded-sunnies and epitomises flamboyancy. He had an awesome time making the advert. Everyone involved was on the same creative page and he really felt like they understood him as a brand. He truly loved the fact that the entire team was there for support and they made him feel totally relaxed and comfortable – this hardly ever happens on commercial sets.

The 2 Types of Tasty deal offers you the Sweet Chilli Chicken & Feta pizza and the Macho Pepperoni Salami Pizza for only R69.99. I tried this last night and I must say that both pizzas are absolutely divine. 

Great News for all of you reading this post: Running Wolf’s Rant is giving away three Debonairs 2 Types of Tasty vouchers. To enter the competition, comment on this post and tell us what you would do for one of these vouchers.

The 3 persons with the best comments will each win a voucher entitling to them one 2 Types of Tasty meal. This competition closes at 2 PM (South African time) today, so get your comment on!

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  • Tamarin McLaren

    Yummy…..Debonairs is my favourite! I think I should win a voucher because it’s my birthday tomorrow and this would be a great gift from Running Wolf’s Rant 🙂

  • Adrian Kirsten

    Dude, I have such a hangover, en daai pizza sal dit once uitsort vir my. I will buy you 2 types of beer, this afternoon and retweet all your cool tweets if I get to win!

    • 2 Types of Beer sounds very tempting 1 week before Payday…

    • *tsk – tsk*.. you don’t already retweet all his ‘cool tweets’ ??

  • Jannie Kotze

    Love Debonairs! The way I am craving Debonairs right now even though I hate stroh rum I would drink that just to have some debonairs pizza! Gimme! 😀

  • Ek sal die link na die post tweet. Hoe is daai? I WANT PIZZA FOR DINNER!

  • Albert

    If I win this voucher i would go and eat Pizza for sure

    • Albert, what would you do to get a Debonairs voucher? Dance on the roof of the Union Buildings? 😛

  • Jannie Kotze

    O ja en ek sal dit op al my social media share natuurlik ( al wil ek die pizza vir myself he!) bwahahahaha

    • Hahaha, Jy het amper soos ‘n “Cookie Monster” geklink nou Jannie 🙂

  • Jannie Kotze

    Dis die idee …want ek Larv me some pizza 😛

  • I would LOVE to win a Debonairs voucher!.. and I even promise to share it with the kids 🙂

    Because my super powers have been temporarily muted I will not be able to shift mountains or spank billy goats for one. But I will be good and promise to order one with veggies!! 😀


    • We all loose or superpowers now and then, it happens 🙂

      • I want to add.. that over and above eating my vegetables I am willing to submit a half naked pic of Jacaranda boy via my blog. Should I win that is.

        • Hahaha, half naked pic of Jacaranda Boy Beach Bum? I don’t even have a superhero costume 😛

  • I’m a skinny white dude. These pizzas DO sound worth some level of debased (thin crust) ego-sacrifice. Given the fact that I am as naturally athletic as a rice cake in the rain, I’d have to include a daring run in my efforts to win a few slices of Debonairs heaven. So, I’m thinking a Saturday morning jog down the high street in Mphumalanga. STARK BOLLOCK NAKED. With something evocatively quirky emblazoned over my concave chest in permanent marker, like “Malema is a pizza shit.”

    Wish me luck!

  • Louisa

    Running Wolf- Hows about I drive you from the airport to Up the Creek and we stop for pizza on the way? :p

    Seriously though, I am pulling a car this evening, don’t you think I need the sustinance?

    • Louisa you make a good argument – Unfortunately I’m not picking the winner 😛

  • BraaiBoy

    Well, you see… I braai every day, so I have no need for Pizza vouchers really (except every now and again for lunch maybe); but if I win the voucher, I’ll donate it to a really worth cause – my hungry bachelor buddies.

    What would I do to win one? hmmm, how about braai naked and post the pics online?

    • Hahaha 🙂 Question is if you’d really do it, I’ve never seen you braai-ing naked before 😛

      • BraaiBoy

        lol, just ‘cos you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean I won’t do it… done it before (and yes there are pics)

  • Gigi

    I have had a craving for pizza for over a week now, I almost got my one friend to make me a dough but failed. Did I mention its Middle-of-January-no-SaltyCrack-Time?!

    • You bring up a valid point, Middle-Of-January blues indeed…

  • Glenda

    Dude i will grow a left testical,then cut it off for the vouchers. #Truestory
    Or i will have you name tattooed on my butt in bright pick neon??

    • It sounds like you are really hungry Glenda…

    • Yay!!!! I WON! No guesses whats for dinner 😉

  • Glenda

    Im starving,growing testies makes a person work up a HUGE appetite….
    i will need those vouchers to help me through the recovery PLEASE!!

  • To remain objective and impartial I’ve asked a 3rd party to judge this competition. Thanks to all of you who have entered. It’s been fun. It’s good to know that people can still interact on a blog. It pains me that I can’t give all of you Debonairs vouchers.

    In the end there can only be 3 winners and they are Glen, Malcolm and Briget. You will be receiving e-mail in your Inbox soon

  • Glenda

    YAY!! Thank you so much my kids are going to think I’m the greatest tonight thanks to you:)!!

  • Jannie Kotze