Discover your Twisp and Win!


Are you a smoker? Well, Twisp is the digital alternative you have been waiting for. Twisping is not smoking. It creates no tar, no smoke particulate, and no carbon monoxide, while delivering a flavourful sensory experience far superior to that of tobacco smoking. Twisp is South Africa’s #1 electronic cigarette and for good reason…

Twisp-600x420 Discover your Twisp and Win!

Great news is that you can discover your Twisp, share your experience on Facebook / Twitter or via e-mail and you could win one of the amazing devices in their new range: The Solo, the Aero or the Edge.

The new range of Twisp electronic cigarettes is the culmination of many years and 10 generations of non-stop research and development, bringing you the finest e-cigarette technology on the market. All of the new devices are unique in their own way, but each is packed with the same advanced technology thousands of Twispers have come to expect from them.

Twisp-600x336 Discover your Twisp and Win!

The new Twisp devices feature robust atomizer coils, improved vapour production and density. They also boast innovative modular design, which allows you to tailor your Twisp to your unique taste and each of them delivers an unparalleled sensory experience.

The Solo features a sleek and slim in design and is packed with the same advanced technology that consumers have
come to expect from Twisp. It features a replaceable mouthpiece and atomizer head.

The Edge is the new flagship device from Twisp. Robust and reliable, stylish in design, it packs the same advanced technology that consumers have come to expect from Twisp. The Edge features a variable power output system, allowing you to customise the vapour density.

The Aero packs immense power into its compact frame, boasting unique and innovative modular design and allowing for two atomizer head arrangements. The standard atomizer head produces a familiar Twisp dense flavourful draw, while the Free Flow head (sold separately) allows for an effortless draw and maximized vapour production.

I’ve been trying out the Twisp Aero and it’s definitely the device that fits into my lifestyle. It’s not thin or long like its mates, it fits perfectly into my hand. The draw is smooth, satisfying and refreshing. In fact, using it makes me feel like a mob boss (an extremely polite one though). I think I’ve discovered my Twisp.

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