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Today I’m updating the Quotations category on this blog and I’m featuring an epic Bob Marley quote. In case you did not know, Bob Marley was born in 1945 in Nine Mile, Saint Ann, Jamaica. He’s one of the most famous and epic reggae artists of all time. He died of cancer in 1981, but has legend status since then. To give you an idea, the 1984 Bob Marley album entitled “Legend” is the best selling reggae record of all time – more than 25 million copies have been sold of this album. He was active in the music industry from 1962  and many people only discovered his music after his death.

Lately I’ve been very reluctant and cautious when it comes to relationships. I’ve met tons of interesting people and I’ve had a ball of a time in 2012. I just haven’t met “that special someone” yet, that’s all. I’ve been hurt by exes over the years and I think this is probably why I’m thinking twice now before jumping into a relationship. I understand that breakups are part of everyday life, but I’m sick of them and I think that’s probably the main reason why. Don’t get my wrong, I’m not complaining or anything like that. I’m pretty happy where I am right now. I think I could live by this epic Bob Marley quote below. It makes perfect sense if you ask me.

I’m pretty sure that many of you reading this post will agree that this is an epic Bob Marley quote. Feel free to comment on this post and let me know what you think, feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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