Expresso Responds: South Africans Try American Snacks


A week or so ago Buzzfeed posted a video featuring Americans trying South African snacks. The video went quite viral on YouTube and has been featured on various blogs and websites around South Africa.

America-600x300 Expresso Responds: South Africans Try American Snacks

This widespread attention for Buzzfeed’s video has prompted the SABC 3 Breakfast programme, Expresso to respond with their own video entitled “South Africans Try American Snacks”. The feedback from the South Africans is priceless and had me in stitches. Check it out below:

I have to admit that I have NOT tasted Pop Tarts, Fluffermutter, Root Beer, Pickle Pops and Cheese Strings in my life, but maybe I should. I’m pretty curious to find out how it tastes, but after viewing this video I have to admit that I think South Africans are far better off than Americans when it comes to snack food. We might not have Netflix, but we have biltong. Take that America!

Watch this space for regular updates in the Humor category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

PS: If someone wants to sponsor me some biltong, I’d really appreciate it. I dunno about you, but seeing these crappy American snacks has just induced my craving for it.


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