Foam covered riot police in Belgium


Today’s Daily Cool Photo was taken by Yves Herman in October 2013. When firefighters demonstrate in Brussels, Belgium you can expect to get spectacular images. Riot police know that they might be sprayed with water or sometimes foam and they rarely react to it. They just wait for the end of the action with respect and forbearance.

This demonstration started at 12:30 p.m and was due to run for an hour or two. The fire brigade from Brussels and southern Belgium was expected to gather outside the Belgian prime minister’s office. The police always secure the zone around official buildings to avoid any damage to the country’s authority’s headquarters. The demonstration was still going at 5 p.m. when the firemen decided to spray foam as a last hoorah. Police were expecting it and let them do it. Pretty damn awesome riot police if you ask me. If this happened in South Africa there might have been rubber bullets flying, who knows?

Belgian riot police are covered with foam sprayed by Belgian firefighters during a protest for better work conditions in central Brussels

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