Francois van Coke on stage @ Oppikoppi 2011


In August 2011 I made my way to Oppikoppi Unknown Brother on the farm near Northam in Limpopo province. On the Saturday night Van Coke Kartel were the last band to perform. Their set was epic (like it always is), but what made this special was the way that their drummer Jason Oosthuizen made his way onto the main stage. He banged a drum he had mounted around his neck in high school orchestra fashion and marched onto the stage. Pretty fucking epic if you ask me. Van Coke Kartel opened up their set with “Vir Almal” (which made the capacity crowd go apeshit). I snapped this photo of Van Coke Kartel (and Fokofpolisiekar) frontman Francois van Coke as Van Coke Kartel were playing that epic set and it has been selected as the Daily Cool Photo on Running Wolf’s Rant for the 30th of May 2012.

Francois-van-Coke-on-stage-@-Oppikoppi-2011 Francois van Coke on stage @ Oppikoppi 2011

Yesterday a photo featuring Hanu De Jong on stage @ Oppikoppi 2011 was the Daily Cool Photo on Running Wolf’s Rant, feel free to check it out. Watch this space for daily updates in the Daily Babe and Daily Cool Photo sections. You might also want to check out the posts featuring Movie Trailers, TV Adverts, Funny Clips, Funny Quotes, Funny Pictures and the other bits and pieces on the blog. There‚Äôs a lot of posts featuring South Africa here too.


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