Garrett McNamara surfing a giant wave in Portugal

Garrett McNamara is an American professional big wave surfer and extreme water man. He’s also survived a monstrous wave at Jaws (in Maui) and has ridden tidal waves from calving glaciers in Alaska. In 2011 this 46 year old gained fame for breaking the world record for largest wave ever surfed at Nazaré, Portugal. Earlier in 2013 he tried to this again at the same spot and is still awaiting certification.

If you ask me, Garrett McNamara either has balls the size of Kansas or is madder than the hatter in Alice of Wonderland. I would never attempt this – not even if someone puts me on a tequila drip for 3 days or if someone dares me to do it for $2 million.

Tó Mané / Barcroft Media / Landov captured the 2013 attempt with their camera. Their photo is definitely worthy of being featured as today’s Daily Cool Photo. It was featured on Buzz Feed’s 45 Most Powerful Photos of 2013 list on Friday.

Garrett McNamara Portugal

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