“Graveyard” in Southern Australia (Photo)


Australian Photographer Julie Fletcher captured this stunning photo whilst travelling through Southern Australia. She calls this photo “Graveyard”. She¬†can’t describe the eerie feeling she had when she walked in on this scene. She followed a massive storm front for several 100 kilometers hoping to capture something special, but this completely blew her mind.

The surreal milky green water is a natural phenomenon caused by electromagnetic activity from the lightning hitting the waters surface. There was no rain where she was and not much wind either, but in the distance the sky was charged and angry subjecting its wrath over the graveyard of dead trees (in a normally very dry lake bed). She was able to capture a series of unique images, but this one was definitely the best one.

This is one of the most spectacular photos I’ve seen. No wonder that it got an honorable mention in this year’s National Geographic Photo contest.

Graveyard-600x398 "Graveyard" in Southern Australia (Photo)

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