Heidi Cortez


Heidi Cortez was born in 1981 in Southern California in the United States. This actress, model, producer and writer was hired by radio legend Howard Stern to be the radio host and co-writer for the show Tissue Time with Heidi Cortez on the Sirius XM satellite radio channel. The show was cancelled on August 2006. After this her acting and modeling career took off internationally in commercial & print. She’s appeared in Maxim Magazine, several TV commercials and music videos. Heidi Cortez also involves herself in charities like Social Vibe & Direct Relief International. She’s definitely one of the hottest 30 year old brunettes around and worthy of being named the Daily Babe on Running Wolf’s Rant for the 27th of February 2012.

Heidi-Cortez-720x450 Heidi Cortez

Yesterday former Playboy Playmate Sandra Nilsson (who is originally from Sweden) was the Daily Babe on Running Wolf’s Rant, feel free to check her out. Be on the lookout for Daily Updates in the Babes and Photography categories on this blog. Feel free to comment on or share anything that you find interesting here. Feedback is appreciated and welcome.

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