Here’s your chance to #RockWithCuervo at Oppikoppi 2016!


Great new festival junkies! In case you did know already, Jose Cuervo is back, bigger, better and more rocking than ever at Oppikoppi 2016 (which takes place from the 5th to the 7th of August on a farm 12 km from Northam in Limpopo province). Even better news is that you have the opportunity to Party Like a Rockstar…

Jose-Cuervo-Oppikoppi-2016 Here's your chance to #RockWithCuervo at Oppikoppi 2016!

Running Wolf’s Rant and Jose Cuervo are giving you a chance to #RockWithCuervo this year. We are giving away a double set of Oppikoppi tickets and access to an exclusive experience on the Cuervo deck on Saturday the 6th of August!

All you need to do to enter this competition is leave a comment here or send a tweet (mentioning @rwrant and @JoseCuervoSA) and tell us what HOW you would #RockWithCuervo at Oppikoppi this year. The person with the most creative idea will win the tickets! 

Take note that this competition is NOT open to under 18’s and that you can only enter the competition once, so make sure that you put your thinking cap on before you send the tweet / leave a comment. Your comment or tweet MUST include the “#RockWithCuervo at Oppikoppi” phrase to qualify as a valid entry. 

The competition closes on Friday the 29th of July at 12 noon and the winner will be notified on the same day. Include an e-mail address in your comment so we can reach you if we need to. If the winner is someone who has sent a Tweet, they will be notified via a direct message, so make sure that you follow @rwrant on Twitter if you’re making use of that option to enter.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music and Competitions categories on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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  • Alta

    I will #RockwithCuervo at Oppikoppi like the Tequila Queen that I am! (Kort en kragtig Because it’s the truth )

    • Thanks Alta 🙂

      • Rosemarie

        Yes thats so you Alta,always ready with the tequila

    • Marinda Jones

      You go girl, rock soos net jy kan, whooooohoooo,hehehe

    • Ethel

      Stem Alta dis beslis so

    • Alet


    • Liezel

      Ja sy sal

    • Tazmyn

      So true

    • NEIL

      JA NEE, her kom die skandes!

    • Liella


    • Sandra Joubert

      Doen dit soos net jy kan Alta!!! Make us proud…. 😉

    • Andre

      A Little bit of Cuervo in Altas Life…A Little bit of Oppikoppie on Altas side….Yeah ..whoop whoop..Lovit

    • Madeleine Van Niekerk

      Whoop whoop you go Alt!

    • Coen Brink

      Alta Van Wyk & Jose Cuervo & Coen Brink, the three things you ask for by their name! Rock it they will, the name of Cuervo be carried High! Live Loud!

      • Coen Brink

        #RockwithCuervo Proud Ambassadors for the @JoseCuervoSA movement of Legends! Alta Van Wyk, Coen Brink and Jose CUERVO, ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!

    • Rosie

      So true… kort en kragtig! You go girl !

  • Kgomotso

    @JoseCuervoSA @rwrant one needs to #RockWithCuervo at #OK22 in order to survive the dust and thorns of Northam Rock City

  • jacques malan

    Dit kan heel moontlik my 4 de oppi in n ry wees, as als goed gaan, so ek vra nie baie nie , net die kaartjies dis al, so kom aan , and I will rock out with my cock out on the rock and roll on the dust dance floor, I need the tequila en the dust in my mouth,

  • jacques malan

    Shit nie gesien moet se, #rockwith cuervotequila at oppikoppi with my cock out, wil regtig my girl vat vir haar eerste oppi

  • Ivan Kruger

    As jy vir my die kaartjies sal ek #RockWithCuervo at Oppi Koppi, deur daardie selfde Saterdag die 6de NET Cuervo sal drink, en heel waarskynlik die most Rocknroll fokken Oppi Koppi hê, plus, as ek en my Oppi Virgin meisie die kaartjies wen, is daar meer geld vir Cuervo borrels. #Netso

    • Thanks Ivan

    • Ivan Kruger

      Paar grammatika foute, maar dis vroeg en ekt Oppi ontrekkings want ek was 2013 laas daar

  • charl scheepers

    When life hands you lemons, grab the @JoseCuervoSA and make your way to @Oppikoppi. Hakuna Tequila – No worries for the rest of the day. From seeing the sun rise with the Gold and rocking it out in the moonlight with Silver, we will be making memories to last a lifetime, and writing stories that deserves headlines @rwrant. #RockWithCuervo at Oppikoppi with a rocking cuervo-ceous (curvaceous)babe by my side. 1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila, more… non stop party, non stop fun, non stop rockin and non stop @JoseCuervoSA. Can’t wait to rock it out with all the lovely young taken to the UNSEA. Please contact me on

  • I will be drinking tequila for it makes me happy!!! (Im a tequila girl) Trying the new mixes #Thegroupie then #RockwithCuervo at Oppikoppi ! By getting my favourite outfit on boots and all then work my way to #JoseCuervo obviously ill have to watch for trees and people that jump out in front of you …dodge my fellow prawns or invite them for a drink …add #JoseCuervo to my oppi tattoo then after all the walking and partying with my favourite people on the Friday I’ll head back to mordor take a power nap then of course the calm thing to do is remain important ,Ill make my way to #JoseCuervo for Saturday and party till the sun goes down because Belive me I will Rock Oppikoppi it won’t be the same without me!!!…..But of course only if I get tickets so pleeeaaaassssseeeeee concider RWRANT #JoseCuervo #oppikoppi #RockwithCuervo

    • Thanks Bronwyn 🙂

      • Can’t wait to see who wins!!!Holding thumbs!!!

        • I wish I could give you all a ticket, you’re all THAT awesome, but I can’t – Patience, will announce in the late afternoon…

  • Ray Crouse

    This year marks my 5th #oppikoppi and to make it bigger than the previous 4, i will #RockWithCuervo and ONLY Cuervo.

    Okay no, I’m lying, I might have to take some chaders with me in the form of Windhoek because supporting the OppiKoppi sponsors means supporting OppiKoppi!

    Pew! Pew!

  • Vera du Plessis

    I had a dream about the Oppi fest
    Needless to say
    I did not behave my best
    Tequila shots went around
    Next thing I knew
    I was on the ground
    Fret not my friends
    It’s not the end
    Like a pheonix from ashes
    I arose again
    Before I could finnish the party though
    I woke with a startle, and lo
    It was just a dream
    Tears began to flow
    For if I do not win
    I will never know
    The sight of the Oppi hill or
    The taste of Jose juice
    And I’ll forever remain
    A pretentious poem writing poes

    My poem is kak
    Maar ek kan uitfok vir dae
    As jy my sien
    Noem my sommer stamina
    #JoseCuervo #oppikoppi

  • Quinton Dos Santos

    There is only one thing to do at Oppikoppi – and that is #RockWithCuervo! I was really bummed last year when they were not a sponsor like they had been in previous years – so I’m super stoked that they are back!
    To celebrate, I am going to #RockWithCuervo the only way I know how – by being a #JoseCuervo billboard the entire Oppi weekend! I already have two shirts, several armbands, shot glasses, straw hat, lanyards and the product itself to run around with on the weekend! The only thing left is that illusive unicorn that is a Jose Cuervo Onesie! I have asked them for it before and will ask them again! Hahaha 😉

    • Thanks Quinton 🙂

      • Quinton Dos Santos

        Fingers crossed 😉 And for those Tequila Penguin Onesies as well! Hahahaha

  • Tasmin

    #RockwithCuervo will put a smile on my face and light a sacred fire in my soul. I’ll simply not be able to rock hard enough without it!

  • Sarah

    @rwrant @josecuervoSA, I am going to #Rockwithcuervo at oppikoppi by letting go of the mainstream hustle, forgetting technology, the media and just leaving my trust in the dust!

  • Rowan Jordaan

    All I need to #RockWithCuervo is my mate, Don Jose Antonio de Cuervo*. All I need is my mate, Don Jose Antonio de Cuervo. What a legend. He comes across as intimidating at first but once you get to know him you’ll want to spend all your time with him! What a legend. He comes across as intimidating at first but once you get to know him you’ll want to spend all your time with him!

    *see twitter for a pic of him 😉

  • Tim

    @rwrant @josecuervoSA, I am going to #Rockwithcuervo at oppikoppi by putting on by covering what remains of my hair with an official #joseCowboyHat and then proceed to drink as much tequila as i can without making to much of a sissy face, finally i’ll sip on an ice cold #JoseMagerita and hope that i remember everything the next

  • Jacques Celliers

    Last year i got a christmas themed morph suit for my birthday cause I’ve always wanted a morph suit. I would #RockWithCuervo by wearing my morph suit and spreading some early christmas joy with all the dusty prawns at Oppikoppi by feeding them some Jose Cuervo as early christmas presents. Because in the end its all about spreading the love in the dusty hills of Northam.

  • Daniella can Wyk

    Got my lemons ready for this perfect Oppi-tunity to #Rockwithcuervo at Oppikoppi @rwrant @JoseCuervoSA

  • Amelia Barnard

    @rwrant , how would I #RockWithCuervo? Easy!

    I would start my mornings with a shot of #Cuervo perfection. After that I’ll suck in the vibes of the magical #Oppikoppi. I would start up the campsite with #Cuervo to cure all my friends hangovers from the previous evening/early morning. With everybody ready to #RockWithCuervo, we will be heading to the band area (note: not entertainment area because the whole #Oppikoppi is an entertainment area) with our flasks filled with #Cuervo and joy in our hearts. We’ll be watching the sun turn into a bright #Cuervo colour while we enjoy a whole day of watching bands, making new friends and bonding with old friends while we invite everyone to join in the #Cuervo fun. When the evening starts creeping in, we’ll be starting a #Cuervo revolution aka #Cuervolution. Everyone around us will join the #Cuervo crew and #RockWithCuervo until our faces falls off. Once the evening comes to a halt, we’ll sit around the camp fire and drink our last shot of #Cuervo for the evening/early morning knowing that tonight was the best night of our lives!!!

    This will be repeated until the most wonderful #oppikoppi comes to an end. I’ll make my way back to civilisation with a heavy heart but still a smile on my face knowing that I #RockedWithCuervo.
    @rwrant @JoseCuervoSA

  • Sarah Newman

    Henno, I think the question we really need to ask ourselves here is, ‘what wouldn’t I do?’

    Tequila is the nectar of the OppiKoppi Gods and the gateway to our primordial roots. How else would one survive the dust other than by being one with nature and what better way to reach that state than with the help of Uncle Cuervo himself? He shall be my Spirit Guide to the Great Unsea, where I shall do OppiKoppi’s bidding by spreading the love of music, joyous festival spirit and the good word of Jose Cuervo wherever I go (maybe spread some tequila while I’m at it) in order to effectively #RockWithCuervo at OppiKoppi.

    Onward to dust, never by train but by perilous sea we go!

  • Cameron Billson

    @rwrant happy international Tequilla day!!! I will be celebrating later with my friend Jose’!

    You shoulda seen, you just can’t believe whats happening next week at Oppikoppi. As a tradition there has ALWAYS been a bottle….or three of Jose Cuervo Gold floating around my Koppi campsites. With the music and friends we have more than we can spend in the northam dust!

    By the time I reach the Curevo Deck on Saturday I will have been in the Northam dust for 2nights/3days. With a three day hangover, sleep deprived no one has ever seen such a beast or should i rather say freak! I gotta push on through! I gotta push on through!!! By this point however I will be at my peak physical condition! Then please fill me up and take this craving in my soul with that beautiful Cuervo Gold. My year long training for this day will finally be paying off! But of course at this point I wont be a poes, i’ll be lekker! But what i do know is my inner rockstar will be unleashed and I will be ready to #rockwithcuervo at Oppikoppi!! and if the tickets come my way i will run the naked mile in just a straw Jose’ Cuervo hat!

    At this point people may ask, “wouldn’t you like, to get out of this place?”. But i would rather stay here and get wasted! That ice cold Cuervo Tequila and Margaritas will fuel me and then its time to push up the level and get ready for my naked Jog through the Northam dust!
    The key is to be fully prepared for the final two nights at Koppi. With Jose’ Cuervo by my side I know I will need to move, I know I will need to fight, I know I will lose myself those last two nights. I will be ready for a busy, dirty, deranged OPPIFOKKENKOPPI! After those nights covered in dust, i will make it home….. Eventually.

  • Brandon

    After very nearly not making it to Oppikoppi last year because I needed surgery on my leg two weeks before my favourite festival I realised I had to harden up, and fast. In my weakest moments last year, a true gentlemen and scholar, fed me the finest tequila under the sun to keep me partying like the crippled rock star that I was.

    So from the callouses on my hands, the steel plates in my leg and from the bottom of my heart I thank Jose Cuervo tequila and salute your delicious goodness for keeping me the well oiled, tequila fuelled, machine hobbling across the dustbowl last year.

    But please Henno, sweeten the deal so that I can #RockWithCuervo at Koppi, on the Cuervo deck like a rock star and actually make it to the Top Bar, because I missed out last year!

  • Mandi

    I will #RockWithCuervo at Oppikoppi by moshing at #Fokofpolisiekar, rapping with #JackParow and crowd surfing onto stage during #Hellcats