How to open a beer with a chainsaw (Video)

I Love BeerLet me get one thing straight. I love beer, and being an avid punter I’ve seen some interesting things at bars, festivals and parties over the years. I still remember watching my friends open up quarts with a spatula whilst attempting to shoot the bottle caps into a swimming pool, I’ve also seen plenty of folks biting open beer bottles and plenty of other folks using lighters to open up bottles too.

But one thing I have not seen is someone opening up a beer bottle with a chainsaw. If you have not seen this either, you’re in luck today. We mentioned a barman at Aandklas Hatfield who could do this is last week’s edition of The Whistle podcast. My good friend @NixxR was so kind to upload the video of him doing it onto YouTube, check it out below

Pretty awesome right? And before you say anything, yes I know the video quality isn’t the best, but it’s still pretty awesome. We might be recording a better quality video clip of this in the future, so watch this space.

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