I like Dem Kempton Chicks (Video)

I have to admit, I’ve never had one of dem Kempton Chicks (or any girl from the East Rand for that matter) as a girlfriend. Normally I am not one to stereotype people, but I think there are some really common people out there and being common is not limited to one’s postal code.

I bet you could find an oke with a tuned Ford Cortina in the middle of Sandton and you could probably find a guy who braais half chickens or eggs on his bonnet in his backyard in Mooikloof. One of my friends has referred to Centurion folk as Danville people who have money. Fact is, common people are everywhere.

This China posted a video on YouTube telling us how much he likes Dem Kempton chicks and he seems to be quite adamant about it. If you ask me, he’s making fun of Dem Kempton Chicks, but you can be the judge, check out the video clip below:

Maybe I should meet one of Dem Kempton Chicks and find out if they are worth it. And before you judge me: Despite all the stereotypes and labels that people slam on people, they’re still just people. We all eat, we all sleep and we all take dumps regularly.

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8 Responses

  1. Lilith says:

    Ek kan dit nie sien by die werk nie. Gee my die link 😛

  2. BraaiBoy says:

    I strongly disagree your comments… how can you make blanket statements like “we all take dumps regularly”? What about the people that have problems and can’t? #StandingUpForAFriend

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